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Kitchen Cabinet Selection | Teach You How To Choose High Quality Cupboards So That You Have A High Quality Kitchen(1)

Kitchen cabinet purchase, especially stainless steel kitchen cabinets and high gloss kitchen cabinets purchase, is one of the most tangled items for many owners. Many of the owners are only attracted by the appearance of the cabinets, but they do not know that the cabinet door and the material of the countertops and hardware are all related to the quality of the cabinets. The performance of different kinds of materials is also very different.

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Although kitchen cabinet installation is carried out at the stage of completion of the entire home improvement, cabinet purchase must be prepared in advance. Many young friends are keen on cabinetry and hope to choose color avant-garde and exaggerated cabinets to highlight their individuality.

Some pastor with experience tells you that the cabinets are still mainly practical, and the shapes are just a few. In the actual selection, many people will fall into these traps. As a result, cabinets purchased at a cost of ten thousand yuan will become furnishings. The following Xiaobian reminds you of the pitfalls encountered by several cabinet pickers.

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Trap 1: Problems with Cabinet Planning

1.after the renovation and then buy cabinets: cabinet installation is the last step, many people have the misunderstanding that the kitchen is finished and then buy the cabinet is not too late, the results wait until the cabinet is in place, is a few months after the renovation, hurry to stay friends Will wait very annoyed. What is more important is to order cabinets after renovations. The fancy models may have to be abandoned because they cannot cope with gas and water pipes.

Before the renovation, please measure the detailed size, determine the cabinet style and model, in the cabinet reserved pipeline interface, decoration also need to accurately expose the pipeline in order to enter the cabinet installation.

2. The more cabinets, the more useful: the kitchen space is limited, many owners believe that as much as possible to install cabinets, so that the kitchen has more storage space, but too much cabinet space not only occupy the activities of space, leaving the kitchen appears to be heavily depressed .

Generally speaking, it is advisable that cabinets occupy no more than 1/2 of the floor space of the kitchen. Once it exceeds the average, the kitchen space will become crowded. In addition, the ratio of cabinets to cabinets is not more than 1:1.3. The distance between the cabinet and the base cabinet is about 650-700mm.

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Trap 2: Pay attention to the appearance of the cabinet

1. Ignoring Kitchen Functionality: Many young friends pay more attention to the appearance of fashion in the choice of cabinets, ignoring their most practical function - storage, and even the appearance of many "unexpected" things after cabinets enter home. Miscellaneous things are stacked in the kitchen, and then stylish cabinets are also foiled.

Small household appliances, all kinds of pots and pans, cutlery knives, seasonings, and staple foods are all items that the kitchen must accommodate. With such a wide range of items, what is needed most is a cabinet with powerful functions. Therefore, the storage function is preferred when cabinets are purchased, followed by the appearance.

2. "sample first" mentality: When some friends choose cabinets, after a fancy brand to go to the store stroll around, select the style to place an order, that this will get it?

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In fact, sample cabinets with cool colors on the marketplace are sometimes not the same thing when they move home. The effects of the cabinets are also affected by the environment, lighting, and the color tone of the kitchen. The model cabinets look beautiful in the lighting and bright environment of the store, but the most ideal selection criteria is to select the cabinet colors and materials according to the style, color, lighting, and size of the kitchen. Such as: the kitchen does not recommend the use of edge modeling exaggerated cabinet products; Chinese kitchen is not recommended to use complicated carved door panels.

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