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How to choose a suitable kitchen cabinet for your new house?

  • source:Kitchen Cabinet
  • Date:05/21/2018

There are many different types of kitchen you may not know, it is really hard to make choose the types, styles and designs from nowadays. From minimalistic concepts and modern deisgns to those traditional and classic kitchen cabinet options. They are all available to homeoners to make their house more beautiful.

1.Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinets
For this types of kitchen cabinet, the door panel feature a center panel that is raised above the rest of the door. Usually, there were made by mdf, but now we can make them bt metal. The metal material can be made to claasici style as a traditional look and will be interesting to those who love traditional style.


2.Modern kitchen cabinet with glass doors
Our R&D team just come back from Milan furniture fair last month, they saw many new thing and clever design from the fair. There are many glass doors for kitchen cabinet. It will makes the kitchen looks modern. And this look can be seen more often in cottage and country style kitchens. It can add a fine touch of balance to a modern kitchen with minimalistic looking kitchen cabinets.


3.Kitchen cabinet with flat panels
This type is very commen and they are one of the simplest kitchen cabinet type. We have many different material for this type kitchen cabinet door, such as lacquer series, melamine series, stainless steel series, acrylic series, etc.. Clean and simple lines make these cabinets a great fit for all who crave simplicity and fewer details on their kitchen designs. This type kitchen cabinet don’t have a frame but are ofern available with the high gloss finish.


4.Kitchen cabinet with combined door panels
Combining different cabinet colors is a trend that continues to hold strong. Pergaps the most popular kitchen cabinet color combinations for two-tone kitchens are white and grey, it can be combined with different colors and materials.


5.Shaker style kitchen cabinet
Many American customers are asking about shaker style kitchen cabinet to us when they are looking for kitchen cabinet. This is a simple style works in just about any interior, design and decorative from modern to classic kitchens.


Most of people will have same trouble about how to choose a suitable kitchen cabinet type for their house duo to there are too many choices in market nowadays. Contact us for good suggestion, we will offer our professional idea for you.