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BAINENG and Baosteel Forge Partnership to Create a New Future in Materials

On December 20, 2023, the signing ceremony of the technical cooperation and development agreement between Guangdong Baineng Home Furniture Co., Ltd. and Baoshan Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd. was grandly held in Zengcheng, Guangzhou.


BAINENG's Chairman Hu Shuangxi, General Manager Wang Wenkuan, Supply Chain Center Director Xia Ximin, R&D Center Director Wan Xiaoming, R&D Center Manager Fang Chao; Baosteel Central Research Institute Product Director Wu Chao, Marketing Center Director Chen Hongming and other leaders attended the signing ceremony. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions on the innovation, research, and cooperation of new materials for home furnishings and signed a technical cooperation and development agreement.


Traditional home design and manufacturing materials mainly include natural wood, wood-based panels, stone, leather, etc. Based on the trend of ecological protection, stainless steel and other steel materials gradually occupy an important position in the home furnishing industry due to their outstanding advantages of high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, and oxidation resistance.

As a leader in China's steel industry, Baosteel will create exclusive new materials for BAINENG's home furnishing products through this technical cooperation and development. Baosteel's advanced technology will empower BAINENG's products, further enhancing the appearance, performance, and quality of BAINENG's products.


In the future, based on Baosteel's new materials, BAINENG will strengthen the blessing of new materials on its products through three-dimensional model analysis and architectural cutting-edge design, advanced processing technology and adaptability research, and in-service performance testing. Through this strong alliance, it will bring consumers a better home experience with higher quality products and services.


Baoshan Iron&Steel Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Baosteel") is a globally renowned modern steel joint venture and the core enterprise of CHINA BAOWU STEEL GROUP, which ranks in the Fortune Global 500. Baosteel is committed to becoming the most competitive steel enterprise and the most valuable listed company in the world, providing customers with high-quality products and services.


Guangdong Baineng Home Furniture Co., Ltd. is committed to the research, design, production and sales of stainless steel kitchen cabinets and other home furnishing products. BAINENG is the main editor of the CBDA "Technical Regulations for the Application of Stainless Steel Overall Kitchen Cabinets" and has won many honors such as "2020 China's Top 500 Home Furnishing Manufacturing Companies", "Guangzhou Municipal Industrial Design Center", and "Guangdong Province Specialized, Proficient and New Enterprise".


In the future, BAINENG will continue to integrate health concepts and home furnishing new materials, leverage the advantages of Industry 4.0, pursue technological innovation and development, and promote the high-quality development of the stainless steel home furnishing industry!

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