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Stainless Steel Home High-End Custom Bathroom Cabinets Make Life More Colorful!

Source: Baineng  Date: 08/30/2019

It's fun to be different, stainless steel home high-end custom bathroom cabinets make life more colorful!

The bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces at home. The bathroom cabinet is the key to light this private space. People who understand life and taste will make the bathroom different.

steel outdoor cabinet high end

Ordinary bathroom cabinets are difficult to meet individual needs due to material and size constraints. Baineng high-end stainless steel bathroom vanities, unique stainless steel material is refreshing, self-contained style, powerful functional design and humanized details processing, let you have a more colorful life.

Today, we will take everyone to appreciate several stunning stainless steel home high-end custom wholesale bathroom cabinet works.

stainless cabinet high end

This product is called "The Earl's House" and the cabinet is named after the Italian aristocratic fan. As we all know, Italian home aesthetics plays an important role in the world, and the trend of international homes looks at Italy. "The Earl's House" is the original design of the Baineng R&D team. It combines the aesthetics of Italian life with the light luxury style, giving new inspiration to the taste of life.

ss cabinet high end

The details touch people's hearts, intimacy and comfort are everywhere, people can't put it down.

“The Earl's House" bathroom cabinet is equipped with Chunjiang Moonlight quartz stone countertops. The texture is exquisite, and the countertops are decorated with Italian style and light luxury.

ss cabinets high end

The glass door has a narrow frame design and a matte brushed nickel handle, which reveals elegant taste and is extravagant and not expensive. The use of embedded glass laminate lights not only adds light and shadow to the space, but also assists in lighting and easy to find items.

ss cupboard high end

The lack of light in the bathroom affects the vision, resulting in subtle details of the makeup. The LED lights are arranged on the mirror to supplement the light and solve the annoying problems.

stainless steel home high end

It is also worth mentioning that this new product is equipped with the latest smart bath mirror, which meets the lighting adjustment, Bluetooth connection, one-button defogging function, and provides multiple powerful functions such as weather forecast and health management, so that you will fall in love in one second.

custom bathroom cabinets high end

Light luxury, more and more become the standard of home fashion. How to highlight the luxury quality of the bathroom space, but not lost? Baineng stainless steel home high-end custom light luxury new product "Pingshang" to satisfy your imagination of advanced, refined and simple life.

stainless steel cabinet china high end

This product is called "Pingshang", which means the taste of fashion. "Pingshang" has a generous impression, no flamboyant decoration, simple and neat design, full of modern light luxury fashion sense.

stainless steel cabinet factory high end

Taibai wood color fashion stainless steel door panels are clean and clear, seemingly simple and ordinary, but constitute a modern and fashionable space. The Polaroid Silver Star Diamond Stone Countertop instantly infused a sense of high quality in the original low-key design. “Pingshang” returns to the source of life with a simple design, creating a refined life for you.

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The side is designed as a six-square grid open storage lattice, which is suitable for storing perfumes, paper towels, toiletries and other items. The items are orderly, so that the bathroom looks more clean and tidy, and the space utilization rate can be improved. Convenience is the intimate design. The open silver mirror is installed to expand the bathroom space and make the bathroom spacious and bright.

stainless steel cabinet for sale high end

The hand washbasin is designed with ceramic art above counter basin. It is easy to install, easy to disassemble, and elegant overall. It is the embodiment of quality life.

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We start from the bathroom every day in the morning to a good day, and return to the bathroom in the evening. The bathroom carries the good mood of our day, and the distinctive stainless steel home high-end custom bathroom cabinet naturally adds a lot of points, so that you can experience the fullness of new ideas every day. Get more ideas from Baineng's classic bathroom vanity, contemporary bathroom cabinets, shaker style bathroom cabinet, etc.

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