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6 type kitchen bar design renderings will surely poke your heart

  • source:Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets
  • Date:05/30/2018

There is a bar at home, cooking and dining are not fun. A good design stainless steel kitchen cabinets will not only increase practicality, but will add a different color to everyday life and provide families with places to relax after a meal or on a rest day. With the development of science and technology, more and more families have chosen open kitchens. Today, we recommend several bar designs that will surely poke your heart.


A small bar is set inside the kitchen and directly connected to the baking area. It is not just the role of a bar. A space for meal preparation extends, and it can also become a "dry and wet separation" compartment, allowing for a more structured Clear, so that the entire space looks more hierarchical.


The whole kitchen is in a ribbon shape, and the overall space is large. It looks easy to look tired. Using a bar counter to cut off the kitchen and the dining room, the bar is consistent with the color of the kitchen, the kitchen cabinet below the countertop is still, increase the storage space, make the space look more harmonious.


For guests visiting, you need to prepare lunch in the kitchen. Give him (her) a cup of coffee, open the highchair, ask him (her) for a seat, and then chat with you who are preparing ingredients. Did this narrow the distance between you? Not because you're busy, you've got an embarrassing situation with a cold friend.


This bar can be said to be a small extension of Nakajima. It can be a kitchen preparation area or a simple recreation area. The extended block is slightly lower than the Nakajima operating platform. If you have only you and your children at home, this can be a place of entertainment for children, not leaving your sight and being within reach.


The kitchen is not large, the island may not be able to display, and setting up a bar counter on the right side is just right. The dishes that were done were too lazy to go to the restaurant and turn to the bar. The warm lights were scattered and two red wine glasses were placed on the scene.


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