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Stainless steel home furnishing industry is about to detonate a 100 billion market

  • source:Baineng
  • Date:07/31/2021

At the 23rd Guangzhou Construction Expo, many stainless steel home furnishing companies made their appearances, and the stainless steel home furnishing booths were full of people. All kinds of phenomena indicate that an era of stainless steel home furnishing is coming.


Five to ten years after the birth of stainless steel home furnishings, it has been slightly niche in the market. It is during this obscure time that stainless steel home furnishing companies represented by Baineng have immersed themselves in research and technology and craftsmanship have made a qualitative leap. At this moment of time, an explosion is ushered in. Perhaps the word “trend” is the best answer.
Home health.The grand proposition given by this era

The new crown epidemic has profoundly affected the development of the home furnishing industry, and consumers have a markedly strong willingness to choose healthy homes. The rise of stainless steel home furnishings is the most powerful response to the trend of the times.


Baineng stainless steel home base material is mainly food-grade 304 stainless steel. The products not only need to pass multiple internal tests, but also need to pass the testing and certification of multiple professional institutions. It can be said that the quality and safety of each set of products are closely related to the future of Baineng.


Good life.It’s people’s yearning for the future

A beautiful and happy home life is the simplest wish of every consumer. However, excessive formaldehyde, rampant insects and ants, mold growth, and failure in three years... these traditional home furnishing products cannot bring ideals to consumers. Life. On the contrary, this type of home is often a thunder that consumers inadvertently plant on the road to happiness.
Baineng adheres to the concept of allowing Chinese people to live a more comfortable home life, and constantly pursues innovation in the three dimensions of design, craftsmanship and materials, and creates a new type of stainless steel home that integrates the advantages of not afraid of water, fire, and mildew. product.


continue to innovate
It is the inexhaustible driving force to promote the development of the enterprise

Innovation and upgrading are the source of power for the continuous development of an enterprise. Baineng’s efforts to build a 13-day delivery system have achieved initial results. The birth of this system can be said to be another feat in the stainless steel home furnishing industry.


The 13-day delivery system brings not only less waiting time and more clarity, but also higher product standardization, shorter installation time, and lower installation difficulty. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a perfect two-way upgrade of Baineng's technology and services.


"Chunjiang Plumbing Duck Prophet". The 23rd China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) has signed a new record for the distributors of Baineng, which not only means that stainless steel furniture is increasingly recognized by the industry, but also means that the products have a high market acceptance.