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Mountains, rivers, lakes and seas are all scenery-Baineng stainless steel furniture

  • source:Baineng
  • Date:03/17/2022
Although in the hustle and bustle
But the heart is in nature
an excellent designer
Often gets inspiration from nature
mountains, lakes and seas
it's all scenery
Give products the beauty and spirituality of nature
BAINENG Classic Series "Tyrol" Inspired by the Tyrolean designers in the heart of the Alps, the designer of the Tyrolean region perfectly combines European style and natural charm, hoping to bring people the feeling of being in nature
Warmth and healing are the first impressions of the Tyrolean series. After a busy day, I come home and the overall atmosphere is so comfortable and leisurely under the light and shadow of the setting sun.
he combination of fine sand, warm white and tobacco grey
The color connection is very fresh and natural
neither too ostentatious
It doesn't make people feel monotonous
Warmth to heal the hearts of urbanites
Here, hide the best look in home life
The shape adheres to the consistent minimalist design
Simple and no frills
it's here
Time seems to be slowing down
When returning from the bustling city
Here is the port of spiritual comfort
smooth geometric line art
Incorporating European Royal Prestige into a Modern Kitchen
It's like being in the beautiful Alps
Show the world a peaceful mood
Gives a beautiful spiritual feeling
Color matching aesthetics Six colors of cabinet door panels are available
Gentle and delicate shades
The perfect fusion of simplicity and elegance
With elegance
too beautiful to ignore
L-shaped layout
Perfectly plan the flow and location of the kitchen
Ensure efficient and convenient operation
seemingly inadvertent design
Implicit ingenuity in line with the logic of life
The perfect multiple storage system
Make the most of every inch of your kitchen
Make every little thing its own
Storage is more pleasing
Tyrolol bathroom and  balcony cabinet series
Aup Cell Door Panel
The color pattern lamination technology comes from the European famous car technology
Extremely resistant to environmental changes
change over time
The color is still as bright as new
Through a thousand sails
Home is the warmest harbor
May you embrace tender times
Feel the love and temperature of home