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Baineng Skin Sensation Series-The incredible beauty of touch

  • source:Baineng
  • Date:08/19/2021

 In the impetuous and complex city,

everyone is eager to get peace of mind and body.

Use pure color and touch to bring you back to the spiritual world


Baineng Skin Sensation Series Incredible tactile experience

Unique craftsmanship
Gives a unique touch
Gently stroke the door panel with your hand
It's like fingertips across the clear spring in the mountains
Ethereal and cool reach the depths of the soul


Select nano-grade quartz for exterior finish
It is made by high temperature quenching at 1000℃
Diamond micro-carving cutting process
After 48 processes
Fang achieved crystal clear, warm and elegant
Transparent Sky Coffee Cure the mood with color
Chic feeling
It is both tactile and visual
Not humble or overbearing
Understated luxury
Soothing and elegant space
Soft and light


Wonderful combination Warm lighting
Quartz stone countertop and stainless steel cabinet
Collide with more wonderful reveries
Unique texture of the countertop
Give the kitchen more happy time


A few lines of light
Fade the darkness
Make the kitchen more warm and warm
Life is worth slowly admiring


Multi-zone storage keeps the kitchen in order
Multi-zone storage design
Both practicality and artistic beauty
The moment you opened the glass door
Not only a visual feast
It's a happy time for taste buds


The movement without the collision of pots and pans can fly freely


Even small supplements can be used to maximize utilization

Seeing the soft and delicate artistic touch The trembling feeling from the depths of the soul The warmth and moving of life Good products The feeling of happiness is never limited