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Stainless Steel Custom Home Furniture are the Choice under the Return of Rational Consumerism in the Post-Epidemic Era

Whether it is admitted or not, 2020 under the new crown epidemic is a year of demarcation significance. The epidemic and a variety of factors have caused tremendous changes in the world.

As the global epidemic situation continues to be severe, and the domestic epidemic situation rebounds, it means that we will be in a "post-epidemic era" for a long time.

Against this background, the trend of consumption has gradually returned to rationality. The "2020 China Internet Consumption Ecological Big Data Report" released by CBNDate for China's consumption ecology research shows that the national consumption mentality has undergone significant changes and "spend money on the blade". The rational consumption attitude has once again become the mainstream, not only at the level of daily consumption, but also at the level of household consumption.

The pursuit of quality by rational consumerism.

Rational consumption does not mean that consumption is degraded and the pursuit of cheapness blindly, but more consideration is given to the ultimate cost-effectiveness and practicability of the product. In this regard, stainless steel furniture has obvious advantages.

In terms of materials and characteristics, the durability of stainless steel is much higher than that of wood used in traditional homes. In addition, it also has the characteristics of moisture-proof, mildew-proof, waterproof and insect-proof.

The 304 stainless steel has more than 18% chromium and more than 8% nickel, which enhances the resistance in all aspects. From the perspective of rational consumption, choosing stainless steel home furnishing is undoubtedly the best choice under consideration of multiple factors such as performance and durability.

Because of these obvious advantages of stainless steel home furnishing, its warranty commitment is usually higher than that of traditional home furnishing companies. For example, Baineng's all-steel cabinets have made a 10-year warranty and 50-year durability service commitment.

Is the pursuit of beauty sensibility or rationalism?

From a traditional point of view, the pursuit of product appearance is a kind of perceptual consumerism, but is this really the case?

The epidemic has brought more home time, and people have begun to examine their home living environment more. If the home is not pleasing to the eye, wouldn’t everyday life be bad? In this context, the pursuit of product appearance and value is no longer a perceptual impulse when purchasing, but a more rational and long-term consideration.

In the past, the appearance value was regarded as a major shortcoming of stainless steel home furnishings, and the cold feeling was often criticized. In recent years, the breakthrough in appearance value of stainless steel home furnishings has made great progress. The application of various processes such as spraying and thermoplastic coating has made its appearance and style have reached a level comparable to that of solid wood cabinets.

The performance of stainless steel home furnishings in the market is also reflected in the company's performance this year. In this year, many traditional home furnishing companies are facing the dilemma of weak performance growth, while the stainless steel home furnishing industry is rising against the trend. Take Baineng as an example. Performance increased by 13%, and the fourth quarter performance exceeded the set target for 2019.

At present, only 2% of households in China will choose to use stainless steel furniture, while nearly 20% in Europe and America. This gap means that the market for stainless steel furniture is still very large. With the return of rational consumerism, the development prospects of the stainless steel customized home market are very impressive.

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