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Baineng Stainless Steel Home Pilgrimage Road

Source:Baineng  Date:06/28/2021

large stainless steel cabinet pilgrimage

Mankind learned to use fire in awe, and since then no longer eats blood, and understands that the food produced by fire is more delicious and nutritious. The way of cooking food with fire is slowly evolving over time.

black stainless steel with white cabinets pilgrimage

The seemingly simple journey from burning food in the earth pit, to the earthen stove erected by stones, to the pots and pans built on bricks is actually very long. Judging from the available data, this history is worth 1 million ~1.5 million years old!

Change the kitchen to make the home young and beautiful

When a single pot station cannot satisfy the desire to make food, more and more functions extend around the pot station. Since its development, "Guotai" is not only a place for cooking and cooking, but has gradually evolved into a space for making food-the kitchen.

black stainless white cabinets pilgrimage

Traditional simple earthen stove

The modern kitchen has changed from a single place of use to a multi-functional or even comfortable space, and our requirements for the appearance and cleanliness of the kitchen are getting higher and higher. However, the traditional wooden cabinets that dominate the mainstream market are extremely susceptible to damp and mold in high temperature and humid environments. The cabinets will expand and burst within 3 to 5 years, and mildew is inevitable! The kitchen, of course, has become the most aging place in the "home". Is it possible to change the kitchen so that it will remain youthful forever?

black stainless steel appliances with white cabinets pilgrimage

Baineng Home Furnishing, established in 2006, has been trying to solve this problem and finally found that austenitic 304 stainless steel will use a process called "weathering steel" (also called diamond crystal surface process) in the smelting process. This process forms a chlorine-resistant protective layer containing phosphorus, copper, nickel, chromium, and titanium on the surface of the stainless steel. They used this kind of stainless steel as the base material to make cabinets for the first time and found that the cabinets are not afraid of acid and alkali, nor water, and will not rust after long-term water exposure. This invention put an end to the phenomenon of bursting and moldy from the source, and solved the root problem caused by the wooden cabinet from the tire in one fell swoop.

white cabinets with stainless steel appliances pilgrimage

Since then, the Chinese kitchen has been the first to shine.

Give color to break the inherent cold image

Stainless steel cabinets have an overwhelming advantage over traditional wooden cabinets in terms of explosion-proof and corrosion resistance. But at the beginning of the market launch, there was no market blowout phenomenon. The reason is that the bright natural luster of the material gives customers a sense of cold experience. It's like a person, clean and cold and unkind, it's hard to be likable. Can the inherent limitations of the material be changed to make the kitchen warmer?

white kitchen with stainless steel appliances pilgrimage

People's impression of traditional stainless steel home

During a trip to Europe, the R&D staff suddenly wondered whether the finishing process of Europe's top luxury cars could be applied to stainless steel panels? As a result, two color products of Opcelle and Fashion Stainless Steel were born after thousands of experiences. The colored stainless steel products shocked the industry, became a beautiful scenery in the stainless steel cabinet industry, and effectively broke the inherent cold image of stainless steel.

white kitchens with black stainless steel appliances pilgrimage

Baineng's exterior coating technology is inspired by European automotive craftsmanship

On the subsequent pursuit of color and texture, Baineng ran all the way, with polymer color pattern coating technology, light curing acrylic sheet hot pressing technology, double-sided PET resin hot pressing flat sticking technology, electrostatic micro spraying technology... At the same time of quality, environmental protection and health, Baineng has also brought into full play the best aesthetic value of color craftsmanship, which has a subtle influence on the industry's color steel technology orientation.

grey cabinets with stainless steel appliances pilgrimage

Seiko skills make quality impeccable


For the long history of furniture development, the use of stainless steel in furniture is a very emerging topic. The new one can only be described as "zero breakthrough", and the difficulties ahead can be imagined.

outdoor stainless steel bbq cabinets pilgrimage

However, some people naively think that everything was originally simple-replace the wooden boards with stainless steel panels, and replace the wooden legs with stainless steel legs... It seems that "cut corners" can solve all the problems. Is this really true? You know, the difference in the process flow brought about by the difference in materials can be described as a huge difference! However, in the long river of home art, there are indeed too many valuable experiences worth learning and learning from. Only by being good at standing on the shoulders of giants can you see farther and run faster!

outdoor ss cabinets pilgrimage

The evolution from wood to steel is not that simple

How to quickly assemble and fix the parts? Baineng draws on the traditional woodworking "tenon and tenon technology" and innovates based on the material characteristics. The innovative design is a horse pin structure. The cabinet panels are assembled and fixed by horse pins. No screws are required. The surface is flat and beautiful. No screw holes are not required. Hidden dirt. Compared with the traditional screw fixation, the cabinet assembled by the horse pin structure has improved stability by 3-5 times and shortened nearly double the installation time. This technology is widely used and has become a mountain that cannot be bypassed in the stainless steel industry.

outdoor kitchen stainless steel drawers pilgrimage

Thick steel plates are cumbersome and cost more, and thin steel plates have poor load-bearing quality and poor quality. The birth of every new thing is always inevitable with the conflict of multiple concepts. Is it possible to achieve the right thickness and higher load-bearing capacity? After a long period of exploration and comparison, Baineng put its products on the market for the first time by using double stainless steel panels and aluminum honeycomb panels. Unexpectedly, the aluminum honeycomb panel has the characteristics of high strength, which not only doubles the pressure resistance of the product, but also reduces the weight. The sound insulation, noise reduction and heat insulation effects are also very prominent, and the market acceptance is very high, so that the patent has been It is also an indispensable technology in the industry.

stain steel cabinets pilgrimage

With the development of stainless steel home furnishings, the inner fillings have also become richer. Polyurethane foam, plastic, cardboard, wood, etc., can be said to be endless and varied. However, in terms of safety, environmental protection, durability, and compression resistance, the built-in aluminum honeycomb panel is ultimately the best choice for sane consumers.


After 15 years of innovation and development, Baineng's craftsmanship and technology have been greatly improved. Integrated water basin countertop welding technology, gravity suspension technology, laser drilling embedded nut technology, stainless steel cabinet all-metal manufacturing technology...Each technology embodies the wisdom and sweat of Baineng people; every technology, They are all a shining pearl on the road ahead of the stainless steel home furnishing industry.

Category extension, carry the style to the end


Stainless steel cabinets are recognized and accepted by consumers by virtue of the unparalleled advantages of wooden cabinets. As consumers have higher and higher requirements for balconies, balcony cabinets have emerged.

steel base cabinets pilgrimage

Compared with cabinets, balcony cabinets also need to be subjected to the test of high temperature and humidity, and even the environment is more harsh than the kitchen-not only exposed to long-term sunlight, but also exposed to rain and frost. Traditional wooden balcony cabinets have rapidly shortened their lifespan in this harsh natural environment. Is it still as new for 3 to 5 years? This has become a well-known sales lie. It is almost a miracle that wooden balcony cabinets can be beaten and beaten for 3 to 5 years. High-quality stainless steel balcony cabinets are not afraid of high temperature and humidity, and are not soaked in oil and salt. Why are they afraid of the sun and wind?

steel cabinet for kitchen pilgrimage

With the successful introduction of stainless steel cabinets and balcony cabinets to the market, stainless steel bathroom cabinets have naturally become the darlings of the market because of their waterproof and moisture-proof. Wardrobes, TV cabinets and wine cabinets rely on the natural refreshing texture and super load-bearing capacity of stainless steel The force has been well received by the market. Although each category has its own unique advantages to capture market demand, Baineng’s pursuit is not to meet market demand with a single product, but to achieve a unified style of multiple categories and provide more high-quality choices for more high-quality families. 

steel cabinet hardware pilgrimage

After 15 years of wind and rain, Baineng has focused on stainless steel home furnishings with no distractions. Just like a devout believer, who regards faith as life, persists step by step, perseveres step by step, walks steadfastly, and is only born for beauty!


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