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What Should We Pay Attention To When Designing Kitchen Cabinet

Although the kitchen is small in size, the frequency of use is more than the other home spaces. So when we decorate the kitchen, the custom kitchen cupboards solution is especially important. Especially in the whole kitchen cabinet, we should have a detailed understanding of the whole kitchen cabinet before the purchase. So what are the precautions for the whole kitchen cabinets design? Let's take a look at the specific content as follows:

  1. From a number of different points to measure the length, width and height of the room (such as the height of the floor to the ceiling, the width between the wall and the wall), check the unevenness place. Otherwise, if the size is wrong, the cabinet cannot be installed properly.


2. Remember to think about all the protrusions, such as water pipes, gas meters, and water meters.
3. The wall cabinet with expansion screws to install, the load capacity of the hanger should more than 50KG.


4. Carefully consider where the cabinet and refrigerator should be placed, in order to simply open the door.
5.Which position of the cabinet needs to strengthen the lighting. For example, cooking areas, preparation areas, washing areas, and don't forget the cabinets or drawers in the corners.
6. Pay attention to fixing the luminaire under the wall cabinet so that it can illuminate the countertop.
7. Do not settle the gas stove or oven under the window, otherwise, the wind may blow out the fire or blow the curtains onto the stove. There is a safety hazard.
8. The countertop next to the oven and gas stove should be vacant to place hot woks and plates.
9. Do not install the refrigerator around the cookware, otherwise, the refrigerator will consume more power to keep it cold due to excessive temperature, which goes against the life of the refrigerator and saves electricity.


After reading the above kitchen cabinet design considerations, I believe that you have your own ideas and insights on the design. A good set of kitchen cabinets can be reflected in the details of the design, the details determine success or failure, the details determine whether it is good or bad.

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