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What Is The Rustic Kitchen Design Essentials

The kitchen is the most "hot and fire" area in the home, with the warmth and happiness of home life. The rustic kitchen, using the most “original elements”, creates a unique living atmosphere in the country. The kitchen, as a space for cooking ingredients, requires a lot of practicality and functionality before aesthetics. Let's summarize the main points of the rustic kitchen design now!

NO.1 Ingenious detail design

The details are the key to a design. In the rustic kitchen designs, the cabinet handles made by traditional craftsmen have a rough touch. This is the imprint of the craftsmen, and the unique rust of the brilliance. It is the ruggedness of the country style.

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No.2 Outdoor decoration introduced indoors

By using some common outdoor building materials, such as large pieces of stone, unprocessed logs and other elements, you can better reflect the contour of the furniture.

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No.3 Warm color matching

The rustic style is not a rough and simple way of simulating rural life, but more to create a comfortable and warm home atmosphere. So the choice of color is especially important throughout the design. Stone, clay, sand, logs and other materials, natural and bring warm and soft tones, suitable for large-scale use in rustic kitchen designs.

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No.4 Application of natural elements

Compared with synthetic board processing materials, solid wood retains the original color, texture and smell of wood, and is the material of choice for rustic kitchen designs. The use of natural materials over a large area is a crazy design choice. It can be processed into any part, furniture, decoration, structure and so on.

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No.5 Increases lighting

The rustic kitchen requires a lot of natural light, so it takes 1 or 2 windows. At the same time, you can choose warm light source lighting to soften the indoor atmosphere. In the shape of the lamp, it is recommended to choose a large-volume, retro nostalgic style.

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No.6 Old tiles

Distressed tiles are an indispensable part of the rustic kitchen designs. Through the treatment of the surface texture to achieve the texture of the traditional handicraft firing in ancient times, adding more style and convenience to the kitchen.

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