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Franchisee Training

  • source:Franchisee Training
  • Date:05/08/2018

So far, Guangdong Baineng Home Furniture Co.,Ltd has about 200 franchisees all over China and more and more franchisees will be opened in the future. For the franchisees, do you know what policies we have?


Just as an old saying goes, it’s easy to start a business, but it’s hard to manage the business successfully. Most of our franchisees have told us that they are very worried and don’t know how to manage it after they open their showroom. How to sell this product? How to design? How to help our customers install after they receive their stainless steel kitchen cabinet?


Here, we promise, it is unnecessary for you to worry. After you become our franchisee, we will provide you franchisee training including sales, design installation and maintain, and help you how to manage your business free of charge. Our trainers are in kitchen cabinet field more than 10 years.


The first step is selling. No customers, no profit. Sales from different agent stores gather in the showroom of our headquarter, our trainer acts as customer and guides the trainees how to show the advantages and different features of different product series to the consumers, also how to choose the most appropriate door panel series according to their budget.


The second important is design. Every designer has to know clearly the craft of our stainless steel kitchen cabinet and how to use Auto CAD and 3D max to design according to the kitchen layout from our customers. Even you don’t know anything about kitchen cabinet design, we can also help you to be a professional designer.


Except for selling and design, we can also provide you installation training. For the customized kitchen cabinet, installation is very important. We will tell you the details by charactors and show you how to install for hard parts hand by hand.


This service is not only for domestic franchisees, but also for global customers. From the above simple description, maybe you are still puzzled about the detailed training process? Call us please, we are ready to serve you and provide you the detailed information you need.