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Development Course Of Baineng


Establishment of Baineng Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Baineng brand absorbs persistent and superior “baineng” spirit of “I will persist on doing one thing with ten times of endeavor compared with others” in article of Book of Rites · Doctrine of the Mean.


Baineng entered into international market and products were popular among international customers.

Baineng entered into international market with special stainless kitchen cabinet. Products were popular among international customers and sold to Europe and America, the Middle East and other regions.


Situated in Guangzhou, fruitful achievements had been obtained with the independent management mode of Baineng.

Baineng with his independent business mode had pushed his products to domestic market, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Zhonghai and so on. And great achievements had been gained.


Baineng brand was improved to be famous enterprise in Building Decoration Expo.

Operation center of “Baineng” brand is established for showing image with uniform VI; Baineng was invited by Professional Cabinet Committee of China Furniture& Decoration Chamber of Commerce to be permanent member.


Investment attraction was launched officially, and Baineng stainless cabinet was sold all over the world

Investment attraction of Baineng was launched officially and it attracted attention in China kitchen cabinet market. Therefore, curtain investment attraction for all over China was opened! Improved brand franchising management system won a lot of merchants for business.


All-steel process cabinet created in Baineng came into market and 100% waterproof Baineng metal casting cabinet without formaldehyde became wind director of stainless cabinet industry.


Its brands spread in Pearl River Delta for planning and preparing expanding production capacity.

Exclusive shops of Baineng kitchen cabinet were opened successively for business in cities of southern part of China and brands spread in Pearl River Delta; Baineng was planning and preparing for expanding production capacity.


New production base was settled in Zengcheng, Guangzhou and it won multiple letters of patent

New production base of Baineng cabinet was settled in golden corridor Zengcheng, Guangzhou with covering area of 26000 Km2 and it became large-scale standardized production enterprise of stainless kitchen cabinet industry.

The General Manager Hu Shuangxi was invited by local commercial chamber to be executive committee member of commercial chamber.


Baineng advertising film was shown in CCTV and the brand had won great reputation in China

Advertising film of Baineng cabinet brand was shown in CCTV and new product of stainless kitchen cabinet with dismounting process and technology was push to market. Baineng brand had won the good reputation in China.


The stainless steel cabinet with A8 technology was developed successfully by Baineng.

Some CNC automation equipment was introduced to upgrade the production process by Baineng and the stainless steel cabinet with the technical principle of “tenon and rivet structure” was developed by Baineng successfully, which made it realized that the connection is fast and firm without screw.


The products of Baineng stepped into the age of 7.0

The products of Baineng were upgraded and stepped into the kitchen cabinet age of 7.0. The material of kitchen cabinet board satisfied the National Standards for Food Safety tested by the authority.


Major addendum organization of application technology of the whole stainless steel kitchen cabinet for CBDA residence

Recommended by the industry-wide organizations, Baineng became the Executive President of Guangdong Kitchen Chamber of Commerce and the important organization of the influential organizations such as ACFIC Furniture Chamber of Commerce and Guangdong Custom Home Association, etc.

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