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Baineng's New Products In The Spring Of 2021


Baineng’s new products in the spring of 2021









stain steel cabinets in spring

After thousands of years, we can still feel the quite and indifferent state of mind of the poet. It’s not easy to keep the quiet mind in the hustle and bustle of citylife.

And the quite mind inspired the designers of Baineng. The new series products will be exhibited at the 10th Guangzhou Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition. By cutting out the complex and simplifying the design,With simple color combinations, and natrue wood texture, shows a complete different home mood.

2021 New Cabinet

steel base cabinets in spring

steel cabinet for kitchen in spring

Exquisite side sliding door, excellent touch feeling of 8mm stainless steel door panel, human engineering and lifing multi-functional table, high-end kitchen appliances, meet the multidimensional satisfaction. 

Light gray is used as the main color in the design, interspersed with dark walnut wood grain, which create a natural and restrained nobility in the harmonious atmosphere of city and nature. Different materials’ touch-feeling, excellent craftsmanship and comfortable functional configuration, creat a ideal home for the users.  

 2021 New TV Cabinet

steel cabinet hardware in spring

baineng tv cabinet in spring

The plain and warm walnut wood grain is the main tone of the space, and the gray and warm lighting are the embellishment of the atmosphere. Combined with the atmospheric glass door, the space is both ornamental and storage, and the space is transparent and full of sentiment. 

The living room is the social meeting place, high-end and elegant, calm and stylish space make people happy, the natural and plain characteristics brings people closer, making the gathering to be the happiest moment.

2021 New Wardrobe

baineng wardrobe in spring

baineng wardrobe steel in spring

Fresh and meaningful wood grain, comfortable and delicate leather, complement each other. Vividly interpreting the balance between modern urban and natural life. The exquisite storage system makes life exquisite and diverse, and the constant temperature sterilization function escorts a happy life.

Life is half sensibility and half rational. When the exquisite design and high-end functional experience are integrated, one can hear the harmonious sound of sensibility and rationality.

2021 New  Wine Cabinet

baineng wine cabinet in spring

Warm and curing khaki and atmosphere light, strongly modern design door panel with gray glass, open and close up to 180 degrees, simple and stylish, 

The overall tone applies warm color and light, full of the warmth and the beauty of life, which can quiet down the moods.


When life encounters frustration and helplessness, taking a break here, picking up a glass of wine and savoring it, forget the complexity and exhaustion, and rekindle the boundless expectation of life.

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