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Baineng Kitchen Cabinet: Northern Lights Series-Haoxue

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  • Date:06/11/2020

Explore the polar region and appreciate the charm of the aurora.Zhimei Aurora and Nano-poly crystal light and shadow technology blend, Ivory gold and snowflake sand were born,Interpret the beauty of perfect art.



     Quartz Crystal with Stainless Steel Panel, Produced by Baineng

Quartz crystal is hard, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and chemically stable. After forging, the surface is smooth and free of water ripples. The colors are full and attractive. The elegant and pure romance reveals the unique fashion charm, which is filled with unique and noble taste. Unexpected encounter with fashion and taste.

This series panel is invented by Guangdong Baineng Home Furniture company limited. Our company is modern kitchen cabinet factory, also is the biggest china kitchen cabinet manufacture, we sale wholesale kitchen cupboards.



Shared Cabinet Bar

Both taste and love require temperature, and share it as soon as possible. The combination of stainless steel countertops and wooden bar counters realizes the artistic beauty while enjoying the first time to enjoy food; on the warm wooden bar counters, children do their homework or painting while the beauty center tastes in the mouth.




Open Storage Cabinet

Openness is a state of mind and a vision. Open your heart, open your love, and adjust the romantic rhythm of life. The open storage cabinet is used to store high-frequency items, so that the space can be fully utilized. Red wine before the meal and coffee in the afternoon are all ready to be staged.



                              Ergonomic Platform

Every ingenuity is for you. The design of high and low tabletops of Baineng cabinets is designed with ergonomics in mind, so that the heights of washing, chopping, cooking, and storage areas can match your most comfortable habits, and also allow each cooking family to find the most suitable comfort level for themselves.



Explore the polar region and appreciate the charm of the aurora.
See, the vast and unknown polar region,
Listen, the sounds of nature and freedom,
The dance of light, shadow and fantasy.
What you see, hear, and feel move with your heart.
Feel the magnificent Northern Lights to the illusion of beauty,
The pattern of life has been different since then.