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What Is the Basic Principles Of Kitchen Cabinet Design

  • source:Baineng
  • Date:11/01/2018

China Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer-Baineng considering customer kitchen as their personal kitchen with reasonable graph and reasonable price. Today, we will tell you some knowledge about the basic principles of kitchen cabinet design.


First, the working environment of new model kitchen cabinet

It is necessary to maintain a distance of 80 mm between the prepared dishes, the sink, and the cooker, and 100 mm is better. This is the center of the kitchen: Fish, meat, vegetables, etc. are all prepared here. The cooking utensils and spices should be placed at your fingertips.

china kitchen cabinet one

The combination of washing, the most common sink, and drain kitchen cupboards: the two sinks are 340 mm and 293 mm wide, respectively. It is mounted on an 800 mm wide base cabinet. Adjacent to the sink should be a basket cabinet for cups, spice boxes, glassware, and plates; the base cabinets for cooking utensils; drawers for storage of cookware and cutlery; the storage base cabinet for decontamination powder, detergent or other chemicals. The cleaning agent is located in the sink cabinet, which is also the best place for the built-in dustbin.

china kitchen cabinet two


Second, comfortable equipment of china kitchen cabinet

Illumination: It is more important to have a light-friendly lamp installed in place than a high-wattage lamp. Lighting in the countertop area should be from the ceiling lights and the floodlight installed under the wall cabinets in the kitchen.


Sight: The wall cabinet and the range hood should not block the user's line of sight so that he can't see the things behind the table. It is important to keep a sufficient distance between the countertop and the bottom of the wall cabinet.


Height: Commonly used cookware should be placed at your fingertips. The height should be set at an easy-take range. Pullable laminates or pull-out baskets will make them easy to pick and place.

china kitchen cabinet three


In summary, the custom kitchen cupboards can meet the above cabinet design principles. It is flexible and is usually arranged by the designer. The choices of materials, styles, and designs are optional. According to the preferences and requirements of customers, the designers tailored the cabinets that best meet the needs of customers, and they are more and more popular in the world.