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Baineng's 2020 Memorabilia

Source:Baineng  Date:01/05/2021

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In 2020, It is a year worth remembering. In this year, The new coronavirus affects people's hearts, The industry situation is ups and downs, Baineng people are always striving and forging ahead, Go through this journey steadily and wonderfully. On this New Year's Eve, Let us review the top ten wonderful moments of 2020 Baineng.

No.1: Double subsidies to overcome difficulties

At the beginning of this year, in the face of the sudden epidemic situation, in order to reduce the pressure on franchisees, Baineng quickly introduced a double subsidy policy, and for three consecutive months, all franchisees across the country will fully bear the logistics costs and provide subsidies for the supply of the entire series of products. Up to 15% reduction, go hand in hand to overcome the difficulties together.

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No.2: Live broadcast debut, first victory

On February 28th, Baineng and Taobao live broadcast platform held the first online live broadcast event of "All people give profits, factory direct supply" 2020. The total order value is about 21.6 million yuan, which is a successful start.

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No.3: Fourteenth Anniversary Celebration

On May 18th, the 14th anniversary celebration of Baineng Home Furnishing was successfully held. The front-line production line employees competed with the marketing team on the same stage. Everyone wished Baineng a better tomorrow.

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No.4: Renew the contract as an ambassador to open a new era of the brand

On May 20th, Baineng signed a contract renewal agreement with film and television superstar Hu Jun. Mr. Hu Jun will continue to serve as Baineng's image ambassador to ensure the unified and continuous output of brand image and voice in the future, opening a new era of brand communication.

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No.5: Guangzhou Live Festival, the mayor of Zengcheng District called for Baineng

On June 6th, Baineng was invited to participate in the first live broadcast festival in Guangzhou. Chen Xiaohua, the mayor of Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City, brought the goods to Baineng Home Furnishing live, and was full of praise for Baineng’s products and processes.Because of high quality stainless steel kitchen cabinet and environmental protection.

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No. 6: Mid-year big promotion, enjoy the benefits

A 16-day national linkage and mid-year promotion event will be held in June to reward consumers with explosive products that astound the market and unimaginable discounts! The performance reached a new high, with a turnover of nearly 50 million.

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No.7: Fighting in Guangzhou Construction Expo, extraordinary popularity

From July 8th to July 11th, Baineng was invited to participate in the 22nd China Construction Expo (Guangzhou). The Jianyi series of ultra-thin door panels were shocked to the market, and the popularity of the site continued to burst.

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No.8: Attend the Shenzhen Furniture Fair

From August 20th to August 23rd, Baineng was invited to participate in the 35th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair. Its performance was amazing and it won praise from guests from all over the world. Mr. Wang Wenshuo, general manager of Baineng Home Furnishings, attended the International Hardcover Housing Industry Forum and gave a keynote speech to empower the hardcover project.

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No.9: Foundation laying of intelligent (industry 4.0) base

On September 7, 2020, Baineng Home Intelligent (Industry 4.0) R&D and production base was successfully laid. It is expected to have an annual output value of 1 billion and an annual tax payment of 50 million after the completion of the project, opening a more magnificent journey.

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No.10: Double 11 Carnival Creates Glory Again

During the 2020 Double 11 period, Baineng’s omni-channel sales exceeded 40 million. Among them, Tmall’s sales on Double 11 exceeded 12 million. Double 11’s single-day performance has led the stainless steel home furnishing industry for three consecutive years.

In 2020, Baineng will forge ahead and move forward courageously; in 2021, we will continue to run and surpass with a new attitude, and write a new glorious chapter.

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