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Meet A Good Life | Baoneng New Home Light Luxury · Life Museum Is About To Be Completed

Source: Baineng  Date: 04/26/2019

In order to meet people's pursuit of a beautiful home life, the company stands at the new height of brand development. Since 2018, it has invested heavily in the creation of a new Baineng stainless steel home full house custom product, Baineng kitchen appliances, hardware brand exhibition hall, and comprehensive display of brand comprehensive strength. .

restaurant stainless steel cabinets life museum

Baineng Home's new generation of light luxury living museum is about to be completed, and with the future 720 °VR panoramic network exhibition hall shocked on the line! In the future, you can walk in the new exhibition hall of Baineng Home furniture, and you can quickly reach the searched area and realize your close contact with the exhibition hall and brand.

With the rapid development of the Baineng home brand, the scale of the original exhibition hall can no longer meet the needs of multi-brand professional development. In the space design and display method of the new exhibition hall, by emphasizing the simple and bright design method, highlighting the light luxury and future space, boldly trying out the visual new technology and the touch interactive display method, and displaying the brand new image with high-tech means. It also created new highlights for the brand's external publicity in the future. 

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In the future, when you walk into the new exhibition hall, you can feel every piece of the Baineng brand's ingenuity, and the scenes of the home life product furnishings, so that everyone who loves home can easily have the experience of daily home life.

By passing the corporate brand image wall and deepening into the interior of the exhibition hall, you can see the products and the brand image of the whole category. The beautiful and comfortable experience is unobstructed. When you stroll, you will definitely stop for this elegant artistic atmosphere. Will be attracted to its collocation and practicality.

The decoration, furniture matching and soft-packing design in the new exhibition hall, the light-to-label Milan Italian-style luxury design, presents a refreshing "international model".

sink cabinet stainless steel life museum

The environment has been a topic of great concern to consumers in recent years.

From outdoor to indoor, more and more consumers are paying attention to environmentally-friendly homes. The problem of excessive formaldehyde in the decoration space has been controversial, and healthy and environmentally-friendly customized household products will be more and more recognized and selected by consumers.

stainless steel cabinet life museum

For 13 years, Baineng has focused on healthy and environmentally-friendly custom-made food-grade stainless steel plates, so that consumers can feel at ease and peace of mind. Baineng brand high-end product line Aup cel and laser coating series, more realistic than solid wood, high strength without cracking. In 2019, we will once again take the industry step by step to further innovate and launch a new generation of "stainless steel whole house furniture customization", showing everyone that the custom-made environmental protection is unchanged, the ingenuity is unchanged, the marketing innovation is unchanged, and the sincere service remains unchanged.

small stainless cabinet life museum

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