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The Development Trend Of Custom Kitchen Cupboards

  • source:Baineng
  • Date:11/20/2018

The trend of “kitchen power integration” (ie, kitchen appliances, kitchenware, and all cabinets are organically integrated) is gradually increasing. More electrical appliances for the custom kitchen cupboards matching program are widely used, and the kitchen electric system is continuously promoted and improved and will be developed intelligently and networked.

trend of kitchen cabinet


The programmatic and standardized production methods not only promote the development of the kitchen pantry cupboard industry, but the brand kitchen cabinet companies will lead this industrial development, and the workshop-style small cabinet manufacturers will gradually be eliminated in this competition. Together with the kitchen cabinets, the various occupations are strongly integrated, which constitutes a complete kitchen system, and the development trend of integrated homes is highlighted.

trend of kitchen cabinet two


The applied style kitchen furniture changes to open-style enjoyment furniture, the kitchen is no longer a traditional one, but a multi-functional space for cooking, entertainment, leisure, assembly, learning communication. When choosing a kitchen furniture, customers are not only for simple cooking and storage but also for the experience and enjoyment of the kitchen life.

trend of kitchen cabinet three

The selection of raw materials and accessories for flat pack kitchen cabinet emphasizes health and environmental protection, the space schemes express humanistic concern. On the base of emphasis on functionalization, the performance cabinet solution is reconciled with the home environment. The kitchen and the living room are connected to each other to express their owner’s aesthetic taste. The user's design of the kitchen cabinet is more diversified and personalized. The combination of various unit cabinets and other components are DIY by the user, and the drawer combination of more functions is used to provide a wider kitchen space, giving the user a more convenient kitchen experience.

trend of kitchen cabinet four

Users pay more attention to quality, style, service level, reasonable quotation (price-performance ratio) and brand reputation. This is also the primary direction and motivation for custom kitchen cupboards furniture companies to expand and develop.