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How To Let Your Kitchen Cabinets Design Make People Shine

For the custom kitchen cupboards design of small-sized families, many designers will choose to sacrifice the size of the kitchen and bathroom to meet the needs of the residents for other spaces. Take the kitchen as an example. The kitchen is a space for high-frequency use.

How to extend more functional space through clever design? Today's kitchen cabinets can really break the single storage function and bring more space to the residents. Here, kitchen cabinet factory -Baineng would like to share with you the attention of small-sized kitchen cabinets’ design, when you do this 4 points small apartment kitchen can also make people shine.

First, the choice of materials: Due to the confinement of the space, the glass material with better permeability can be used in the selection of the material, and the effect of the space perspective is used to make the small kitchen have the effect of expanding the capacity. The use of glass door or sliding door to the wall cabinet not only adds to the overall sense of fashion but also does not easily cause top-heavy depression.

Second, the color of matching: In color matching, bright colors will give people a sense of expansion, visual impact will easily make people impulsive. On the contrary, deep and dark color kitchen pantry cupboard will also reduce the brightness of the overall space, so small units Kitchen cabinets should try to avoid using too much color matching. In the choice of color, we should follow the natural and comfortable look and feel. Light colors such as beige and wood color are also good choices.

Steel Cupboard for Kitchen

Third, the selection of functional accessories: Like some corner positions, ordinary corner cabinets will not be able to better use the space and use the corner basket appropriately to release the corner space.

Steel Cupboard in Kitchen

Fourth, the design of special units: Adding some special unit design to the basic function of the kitchen cabinet, such as small bar, mobile table, or open shelves cabinet, etc., not only can meet the user's personalized living needs, but also extend the kitchen more functional space.

Steel Wardrobe for Kitchen

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