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The Second Day of Shenzhen Construction Fair, Bai Neng Home Continues to Soar

On November 8, 2023, the second day of the Shenzhen Building and Decoration Expo was in full swing, with the Baineng booth creating a lively and bustling atmosphere, attracting a large crowd of visitors.


At this Shenzhen Building and Decoration Expo, Baineng presented two eye-catching new products, the "Polaris" and "Dazzling" series, showcasing Baineng's unique insights into consumer market trends and the brand's exceptional design prowess. The new series received unanimous praise from the on-site audience.



The continued popularity of the booth confirms the brand's extraordinary strength. In the thriving market of renovating old kitchens, Baineng's stainless steel home products are highly favored by the second-time renovation user group due to their advantages such as mold resistance, prevention of bacterial and fungal growth, and the high-quality service of refreshing old kitchens within 48 hours.


In recent years, the strong promotion of green home consumption by the country has provided a broader stage for Baineng's development. Baineng responds to consumers' expectations of a better home life by incorporating green and sustainable quality upgrades.


Traditionally, the home industry faced challenges with low production efficiency, slow delivery cycles, and poor product quality control with traditional production methods like manual welding. As consumers demand higher quality home products, Baineng's intelligent manufacturing system, incorporating advanced international fully automated production lines and equipment, serves consumers better.


Additionally, as a setter of industry standards, Baineng has many unique advantages in future development. The CBDA stainless steel cabinet technical standards edited by Baineng successfully unified the technical specifications of household stainless steel cabinets, demonstrating Baineng Home's commitment to leading the industry in healthy and orderly development.


National strategies such as the "Belt and Road" and the Greater Bay Area have also provided opportunities for the development of Baineng Home. Currently, the preparation work for the opening of the Baineng Melbourne flagship store overseas is proceeding orderly. Baineng will continue to expand internationally, promoting stainless steel home art with unique Chinese craftsmanship to the global market.


In terms of both scale and speed of development, stainless steel home products are rising like a new star. With its strong smart manufacturing capabilities, Baineng will stand out, bringing a beautiful living experience to consumers and continuing to lead the way!

From November 7th to 9th, China Building and Decoration Expo (Shenzhen), let us continue to enjoy the splendid presentation of Baineng Home!

November 7-9, 2023

Baineng invites you to the Shenzhen Building and Decoration Expo

Booth Number: 2E03

Looking forward to meeting you!

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