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A Container Shipped From Baineng To India On 7th April.2018

Now it's Aprol of 2018, we just have about 2 months work time from Chinese new year holiday to now, so many customers of Baineng are scheduling shipments or placing orders during this time. And we just had a container shipped from Guangzhou to India on 7th April. 2018.

Contemporary Shaker Cabinets

The goods belong to one of Baineng's Indian customers, we've been working together since 2014, she’s a very talented architect, and we’ve done many projects together those 3 years, those goods of this time are her new projects, there’re 2 sets of stainless steel kitchen cabinets, 2 sets of laundry room cabinets, 20 sets of wardrobes, 9 sets of vanity cabinets, 3 sets of Entertainment cabinets, 3 sets of bookcases and 3 sets of study tables. The customer placed orders to Baineng in the early of February of 2018, and we completed all cabinets in the end of March of 2018. So totally taken about 2 months times to production( Except 15 days for Chinese new year holiday). After finished the production and quality inspection, we arranged to install those cabinets in the factory first to check whether all cabinets are produced according to the requirements of customers. And we arranged to pack them all after confirmed every cabinet is good and right.

We gave the packing list to customer's shipping agent after we finished the packing and they arranged the container come to the factory to load all cabinets on 7th April. And all cabinets have successfully completed the customs clearance and are shipping to India now.

Contemporary Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Baineng is a professional kitchen cabinet factory, but we can not only produce kitchen cabinet, also could design and produce wardrobe, vanity cabinet, Entertainment cabinet and other types furniture, so if you have projects and need the full house customized furniture, welcome here, we believe that we’re a good choice for you.

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