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What Color is Good for the Stainless Steel Kitchen Design

  • source:bainneng
  • Date:04/30/2019

One is to look at the color matching of the overall kitchen space, and the second is to see the individual's preference for color. If you don't know that two way, you can choose according to the principle that the wall or the ground color is similar, or use it according to the combination of cold and warm colors, as long as the overall effect is beautiful. We would like to tell you what color is better for stainless steel kitchen cabinet doors. Then I have prepared some decoration cases here to help you choose, I hope I can help you.


1.white wood door

The white door and wall are similar in color and look good overall, and the door has some texture and it doesn't look too monotonous.

white wood door of kitchen cabinet


2.maple wood door

This color is white, looks a bit low-key, the bricks used on the wall and the ground are also more obvious texture, the cabinet door also uses a slightly strong texture as a transition, look good.

maple wood door of kitchen cabinet


3.yellow moisture-proof panel door

I have seen more of these cabinet doors in some simple decoration cases. They seem to be more intimate, regardless of the overall temperament or price. If you have limited budget, you can consider using the materials, and the color is also a diversified choice.

yellow moisture proof panel door of kitchen cabinet cherry wood

I personally feel that this color is relatively old-fashioned, but this color is more common in Chinese and American styles, and it is more used. The color of the door is chosen, and the decoration of the floor and wall does have to be changed. It will be more beautiful to go up, but it is not absolute. Many designs will be more contrasted, and personal aesthetics will also have a little impact.

red cherry wood of cabinet cabinet door

Blue is not used much, but it is my favorite color. It is also very nice to match with khaki wall tiles. I don't know if you like it or not!

blue furniture kitchen cabinet