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The Perfect Ending | 26th Shanghai International Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition by Baineng Home Furnishing Turns Out a Complete Success

On May 29th, the 26th Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath Exhibition came to a successful conclusion. In these four days, Baineng Home Furnishing booth has been in constant flow. With its warm service and high-quality products, it has gained wide recognition from the guests of the domestic appearance exhibition.

At this exhibition, Baineng stainless steel household products stand out with the advantages of food-grade, mildew-free, waterproof and rust-proof materials, as well as post-modern eclectic design, and are recognized and favored by many visitors, attracting every day Many guests went to the site for consultation, and the booth site continued to be popular.

The delicate colors and wood grain of the mood cabinets present a back-to-nature atmosphere. Under the transparent light, it gives people a sense of ease and comfort. In this space, you can not only feel the urban style, but also the purity of nature. The lines are horizontal and vertical, creating a fascinating paradise.

This set of products contains many smart kitchen technologies. For example, the intelligent lifting platform allows people to feel the charm of science and technology while also enjoying the convenience of storage; the silver sand galaxy table top brings people the ultimate visual experience, and it also has the characteristics of wear resistance and scratch resistance; 8mm Door panels, groundbreaking and extreme craftsmanship, are beyond the reach of peers in the industry... With the blessing of many advanced craftsmanship, this set of products achieves a high degree of fusion of practicality and artistry.

The simple and stylish cloakroom is fascinating. Under the ingenious combination of beautiful shapes and a variety of new materials, the exquisite life style rushes to the surface, highlighting the post-modern eclectic colors and styles everywhere.

The constant temperature sterilization system equipped in the cloakroom can not only control the temperature and humidity, but also automatically sterilize the clothes to ensure that the clothes are kept fresh and clean for a long time and care for the health of the family at all times.

Walnut wood grain creates a simple and warm living atmosphere in the space. Gray and warm atmosphere lights are embellished, the whole is calm and lively. The glass door is the center of storage. The modern ultra-thin open shelf is added on the right side. It takes the proper proportions as the axis and the steady beauty as the line, injecting the exquisite sense of oriental culture, so that the entire living room space is both high-end and atmospheric. Without the slightest icy texture.

The door panel of the wine cabinet adopts pin-type hinges and gray glass, which is stable and fashionable, and the opening and closing degree can reach 180 degrees. The interior of the wine cabinet adopts warm khaki color, combined with the design of the atmosphere lamp, the overall color is soft, the visual is warm and comfortable, and it is full of infinite beauty of life's warmth and imagination.

The staff of Baineng Home Furnishing is also a beautiful scene on the scene. They have solid professional knowledge, rigorous work style, and friendly service attitude. During the exhibition, they tirelessly explained products and related policies to customers. Their demeanor left a deep impression on customers and dispelled many doubts in the minds of customers who held a wait-and-see attitude. On-site signings were extremely active.

The post-modern style is a highlight of this exhibition. The smart home combines future technology and artistic aesthetics, and can experience the wonderful life experience it brings in different scenes. The viewing and practicality complement each other, allowing visitors to the exhibition to truly feel the depth and temperature of the future home.

The end of the exhibition is not the end, but a new beginning. Baineng will ride the wind and waves, carry forward the past, and continue to provide consumers with better home furnishing products with a better spirit in the future.

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