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What is A Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

  • source:Baineng
  • Date:12/26/2018

For stainless steel kitchen cabinets means the main material for kitchen cabinet is stainless steel . In fact, in the early days, stainless steel cabinets were used in the canteen of the hotel.


However, the metal style and fashionable elements have made the stainless steel kitchen cabinets more and more accessible to thousands of families in recent years,. At the same time, stainless steel kitchen cabinets are also designed to be closer to people's daily lives.


Of course, it can make up for the disadvantages of poor moisture resistance and easy deformation of wooden cabinets. Stainless steel cooktops also play a very important role in our domestic cabinet market.

stainless steel kitchen cabinets for sale


why the price of stainless steel cabinets is higher than the price of wooden cabinets?


In view of the current kitchen cabinet market, the price of stainless steel cabinets is higher than wooden cabinets. The reasons for cabinets are as follows.
1.The cost of raw material is more expensive than stainless steel;

2.The manufacturing technique is more complex than wooden cabinet, it need to cut, band, weld,etc..

3.The advantage of stainless steel kitchen cabinet is not easily cracking, and is resistant to fire and high temperature and moisture.

4.Tt is not easy to breed bacteria during daily use, and the environmental protection is very high. At the same time, there is no radiation of formaldehyde, the hardness of the material is very high, it has strong impact resistance, and it is not easy to fade.

5.Stainless steel has high plasticity, it can be made to different shape with different surface finish also. They are not only cold color any more, they are coloful right now.


Stainless steel cabinets have great market potential and are well received by the masses. The price are a bit higher than ordinary wood cabinets, but they do meet the needs of modern life in terms of quality and use.


custom kitchen cupboards for your house is a very important thing. It is not about the cost, but also using life. Many of our friends make their new kitchen cabinet because they looks bad, got damaged, leaking etc.. It makes your life messy.


Baineng has engaged in kitchen cabinet industry more than 20 years. We made wooden kitchen cabinets also 15 years ago. We are not only the makers, but also users. As a professional stainless steel manfaucturer, we are keep developing and researching more good products for your clients. Get stainless steel kitchen cabinet closer to your life.