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A Perfect Customer Visiting On March 19,2018

We got a customer Mr. Shiva who came to visit our factories on Sept 19, 2016. He came from India, and it was the first time we met, but it was going very well. He came to Guangzhou to do business 10 years ago, and now, he believes that the stainless steel kitchen cabinet is a big potential market in India, lots of customers think that stainless steel cabinet is a better choice for them, it's waterproof, fireproof, and cost effectiveness. So this time, he planed to order a stainless steel kitchen cabinet sample to start the business of stainless steel kitchen cabinet business in Indian.

After he arrived to our factory, we shown him around the showroom first, and then the workshops in our headquarter. In the showroom, he scrutinized and evaluated our stainless steel kitchen cabinets designs, installation technology and the quality of hardware carefully. In the workshop, he looked at the stainless steel sheet materials and stainless steel kitchen cabinet carcass, and had a rough idea about the structure of stainless steel cabinet carcass. After lunch, we took him to our new factory, he visited workshops of door panel and stainless steel counter top. He said this visiting is very helpful for him to understand the production processes of our products and demonstrate our stainless steel kitchen cabinets to his customer in the future.

Overall, he was quite impressed by our products and the R&D, production and quality control system we have and he gave us a lot of favourable comments.

In the meeting after the visiting to our workshops, we discussed the design of his kitchen sample, finalized the small details, made the CAD drawings for confirmation. He was very satisfied after he confirmed our updated design and quotation, finally he arranged deposit to us before he leave. And he also believed it was a good start for our future cooperation, and a perfect customer visiting indeed!

Good products, good service and good price makes our custmers have a good evalution to our company. If you are in the market and have no idea how to start a business of kitchen cabinet, please do not feel free to contact us.

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