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Born To Be Aldehyde-Free

Source: Baineng  Date: 09/30/2020

Recently, the home furnishing industry has set off a wave of "zero aldehyde". Many brands have launched their own aldehyde-free concept products, and even more brands have proposed that the world is aldehyde-free.

The popularity of the aldehyde-free concept stems from people's unremitting demand for a good and happy quality of life, and also from people's attention to home health after the epidemic.

No aldehyde in the world ≠ No aldehyde by nature

"Aldehyde-free in the world" is the yearning of all consumers and householders for home quality; while traditional custom home furnishing brands are mostly made of wood. The term aldehyde-free refers to glue and other additives that do not contain formaldehyde. Not increasing the amount of formaldehyde emission, does not mean that it is truly free of formaldehyde; whether it is solid wood particle board, multi-layer solid wood board or wood board, due to the manufacturing process of the material itself and the natural properties of the material, the release of formaldehyde is inevitable.

stainless cabinet aldehyde free

Sectional view of particle board

ss cabinet aldehyde free

Hierarchical maps of plywood

According to research conducted by authoritative organizations, the release cycle of formaldehyde from general artificial furniture panels can be as long as 13 years; as time goes by, furniture be used after 3-5 years, will generally have the risk of chipping, damage, and moisture. The expanded sheet will further aggravate the release of harmful substances.

Formaldehyde is a class of carcinogens recognized by the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization. People who have been exposed to excessive formaldehyde for a long time may have symptoms such as dizziness, cough, and skin allergies; in severe cases, they may cause leukemia, cancer and other malignant diseases.

ss cabinets aldehyde free

With the advent of old house renovation and improved housing, people have a higher pursuit of environmental protection and durability of furniture, and Baineng stainless steel furniture stands out from the crowd.

Compared with traditional wooden furniture, stainless steel household products have their natural advantages. Baineng uses 304 food grade stainless steel as the product base material, which does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, and can even be in direct contact with food. Baineng product including stainless steel kitchen cabinet, stainless steel wardrobe,stainless steel bathroom cabinet and so on.

ss cupboard aldehyde free

Without real kung fu, how can I dare to alarm you?

The environmental performance of Baineng's home furnishing products has been certified by many authoritative organizations. After inspection and certification by the National Furniture Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Baineng stainless steel cabinets meet HJ571-2010 "Technical

Requirements for Environmental Labeling Product Certification".

stainless steel cabinet china aldehyde free

At the same time, Baineng home furnishing products have also obtained the ten-ring mark certification. The Ten Rings mark (Chinese environmental mark) is a kind of "certification mark" marked on the product or its packaging. It shows that the product is not only qualified in quality, but also meets specific environmental requirements.

stainless steel cabinet factory aldehyde free

Formaldehyde-free standard inherited quality

Baineng has always been in line with the corporate mission of creating a healthy kitchen for every family, and has used ingenuity to create the brand; at the beginning of the establishment of the company, it has taken the improvement of the environmental protection and durability of household products as the primary goal of the corporate strategy; similar to wooden furniture In contrast, the use of stainless steel is undoubtedly more friendly to the sustainable development of the earth's ecology.

stainless steel cabinet for sale aldehyde free

In addition to the inherent advantage of no aldehyde, Baineng also has eight major advantages such as food grade, no deformation, no mold, no fear of water, anti-termite, one-piece molding, artistic beauty, and more durable. It also promises a 10-year warranty for all-steel cabinets. Years of durability; strive to provide consumers with higher quality products.

stainless steel cabinet manufacture aldehyde free

As a leader in the stainless steel home furnishing industry, Baineng currently has two production bases in Guangzhou, where environmental protection requirements are extremely stringent. The third largest base-Baineng Intelligent Industry 4.0 R&D and production base has also been laid in Zengcheng, Guangzhou and is under construction. The base will continue to improve the environmental protection, quality and process standards of stainless steel household products through intelligent and large-scale operations; thereby leading the sustainable development of the industry and bringing better quality and healthier stainless steel custom household products to the society.

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