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Eight Features Of Baineng Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Waterproof and no rust

The stainless steel countertop has double protection of coverage on both sides and the table as well as the bottom layer is both wrapped by the stainless steel kitchen cabinets to prevent the cabinet from erosion of external environment. The properties of waterproof and no rust are achieved of the cabinet by the combination with perfect material of 304 stainless steel and exquisite technology of Baineng.

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Zero formaldehyde

The 304 food-level safe stainless steel against bacteria does not include pollution sources such as formaldehyde and benzene, etc and Baineng is a stainless steel kitchen cabinet brand to obtain the detection certification of the food-level stainless steel, thus it is ok to contact the cabinet to foods directly.

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Artistic beauty

The exquisite stainless steel changes into kitchen cabinet series of different styles with dignified patterned laser plate, platinum plate and quartz glomerocryst plate, etc, thus it is comparable to the appearance style effect of the solid wooden cabinet to break the cold tone of traditional stainless steel products.

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We adopt the beehive aluminum 30 times higher than foam materials as the filling materials of stainless steel cabinet to increase the intensity as well as crumpling resistance over twice and keep the feature of non-deformation; meanwhile, the hexagon structure of aluminum beehive also has functions such as sound isolation and constant temperature, etc.

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No mildew

The rigorous cabinet structure as well as the decent performances against bacteria and rust of 304 stainless steels can resist the invasion of mildew and water molecules, thus there will be no mildew for sure to maintain the clean and dry kitchen.

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Resistance to acid and alkali

The food-level 304 steel can resist penetration of chloride ion and it has the functions of acid and alkali proof as well as erosion resistance and high stability, so there will be no trace like the marble countertop for sure in case of erosion of ages and articles as well as surface dirt.

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Termite proof

Special materials can resist the formic acid secreted by the termite, while the unique design of respiration system in the skirting board can ensure no dampness, no bacteria and easy cleaning of cabinets, thus the termite cannot hide and survive in this dry and tidy environment.

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Integrated sink and countertop

The stability technique of PBTS table is exclusively researched and developed to construct the all-surrounded stable frame of “rack style” with environmental-friendly polymer around the inside the stainless steel table and the auto welding technology is also adopted to integrated the stainless steel and the sink.

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