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What Is The Difference Between Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Baineng has been a China kitchen cabinet manufacturer since 1996. With decade of development, and summarizing the weaknesses of wood kitchen cabinet, such as easy mildewy, not environmentally friendly and undurable, we devote ourselves to innovate on SUS304 stainless steel kitchen cabinet, and we are recognized as China’s premier manufacturer of premium stainless steel kitchen cabinets.

With the data of Baidu, which is mostly used search engine in China shows that more and more people demand stainless steel kitchen cabinet, and the demand for stainless steel cabinets has greatly exceeded that of solid wood cabinets since 2013.

Stainless steel kitchen cabinet has been the first choice when customers purchasing kitchen cabinet nowadays. Meanwhile, more and more different brands entering the market. So how to choose good quality of stainless steel kitchen cabinet? As the premier manufacturer of stainless steel kitchen cabinets, we are here to show you our standard, including three parts, carcass, coutertop and door panel.

Firstly, we show from carcass. As you know, carcass is the most important part of the whole cabinet. The gravity generated and received by countertops, door panels, storage hardware, stored items, etc., is eventually transmitted to the cabinet. Therefore, the stability of the cabinet is the most important, and the five major process technologies uniquely created by Baineng bring great guarantee to the stability of the cabinet. Details are as belowing:

1. Force distributions equilibrium technology: strong bearing capacity, longer service life;

Traditional Style Cabinets

2. Horse locking cabinet lock stable security technology: stable and durable structure, high strength and stronger connection;

Traditional Style Kitchen Cabinets

3. Precise laser positioning hole embedded stainless steel screw hole: easy Installation, result in a smooth door, small gap effect;

Black Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

4. Cabinet lock chain reinforcement technology: cabinets and cabinets are tightly locked one by one;\

Traditional Black Kitchen Cabinets

5. Hanging cabinet load suspension stabilization technology: load-bearing capacity up to 150kg

Traditional Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Secondly, let us show the countertop. In the kitchen space, the mainly contact with a person is the countertop of the cabinet. People's cooking behaviors are mostly the same level as the washing area, cooking area, and food preparation area. Therefore, the environmental protection of the kitchen countertops and the smooth operation of various functional areas are the key. Derived from the exploration of Chinese food culture for thousands of years, Universal Food grade stainless steel countertops have developed countertop standards that meet people's cooking requirements. Details are as belowing:

1. Food grade stainless steel countertops;

Traditional Grey Kitchen Cabinets

2. Anti-fingerprint countertops Smooth and easy cleaning;

Kitchen Cabinets Traditional Style

3. Double-sided stainless steel full package;

Building Traditional Kitchen Cabinets Pdf

4. Integrated basin and table top welding;

Pictures Of Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

5. Countertop cabinet combined with heat transfer system;

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Design

6. Corner second generation connection technology

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Styles

At last, we show our door panel. The door is the face of the cabinet and is as important as the person's face. Details are as following:

1. Our door panel is beautiful and tasteful;

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets Design

2. Our door panel is durable;

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets Pictures

3. Our door panel is resistant to stain and easy to clean;

Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

4. Our door panel is environmental friendly

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With our standard to select stainless steel kitchen cabinets, you will choose good cabinets.