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How To Make Your Kitchen Cabinet Looks More Beautiful?

Source: Baineng  Date: 05/14/2020

The kitchen is the most pyrotechnic area in the home, and it is also a warm place.

Recently, your cooking skills must have improved because of coronavirus ! After getting along with the kitchen time, I realized that there are so many "unsatisfactory" places in my kitchen design. All are kitchens, why do your homes always look dirty and messy? Come take a look with the me!

stain steel cabinets look beautiful

The kitchen is not a "storage room", "take  away" in time

We have always said that the kitchen is one of the hardest places to store in the home, and all kinds of pots and pans are huddled in the cabinets. Although it can be covered, when you really want to use it, you will be in a hurry.  Baineng  stainless steel kitchen cabinet design corner basket , plate basket, pan basket ,spice basket and tall basket, making full use of the corner space  to place all kinds of pots.Different kitchen utensils, bowls, etc. are sorted and placed to effectively improve cooking efficiency.

steel base cabinets look beautiful

kitchen cabinet manufacturer look beautiful

"The sharpener does not cut the woodworker by mistake"

After the most difficult storage problem is solved, how to enhance the convenience of the kitchen, then you need to pay attention to the problem of moving the kitchen. Baineng stainless steel kitchen cabinet common types: one-line,  U-shape and L-shape. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For details, please refer to the size and area of  your own kitchen and the cooking habits of your family. Because of Guangdong Baineng Home Furniture company Limited  is China  kitchen cabinet manufacturer, a big furniture kitchen factory , main wholesale kitchen cupboards, the price is competitive.

steel cabinet for kitchen look beautiful

The kitchen moving line design solves the basic cooking convenience, but also pays attention to the operating moving line, that is, the layout and taking of items when we are cooking. Unused appliances, kitchen utensils, etc. are placed on the top of the cabinet. The most commonly used seasonings, bowls, kitchen utensils, etc. are placed in the cabinet drawer, or where you can easily get them. Layout according to personal usage habits can effectively improve the "handedness".

Details determine success or failure, how to clean up the dead zone?

Kitchen waste is also the most common place in the home. In addition to common oil smoke problems and kitchen waste, cleaning up details is also very important. The reason why many people don't like open spaces is because of the problem of soot. Of course, this is an inevitable disadvantage of open design.

Regarding this problem, designers have long provided a variety of solutions, usually using high-power range hoods, sliding doors, partitions, etc. to reduce the impact of oil fumes on other spaces. So your home is not clean, let alone open-ended wrong.

steel cabinet hardware look beautiful

In addition, the cleaning of the dead corner of the kitchen is also a major problem, requiring smart and flexible faucets to improve cleaning efficiency and efficient cleaning agents. And stainless steel kitchen cabinet total waterproof, we can use water direct flush .

steel corner cabinet look beautiful

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