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The 16th Anniversary Celebration Of Guangdong Baineng Home Furniture Co., Ltd. Was Grandly Held

Source:Baineng  Date:05/21/2022

On May 18, 2022, the 16th anniversary celebration of Guangdong Baineng Home furniture Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Baineng Home furniture Intelligent (Industry 4.0) R&D and production base.


At the ceremony, Mr. Hu Shuangxi, chairman of Baineng Home furnitures, delivered a speech, pointing out the future direction for all Baineng people. Hu Dong reviewed the major achievements of Baineng Home furnitures in the past 16 years. Baineng has been committed to creating a healthy home life for every family since its establishment, and has made many outstanding contributions to the industry in product technology research and development innovation and standard formulation over the years!

steel base cabinets

Chairman of Baineng Home furniture, delivered a speech


This year, Baineng people made another major achievement, that is, the successful completion and official production of Baineng Home furniture Intelligent Industry 4.0 R&D and production base of over 100,000 square meters. With the blessing of Industry 4.0, the company's digital and intelligent Under the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the company, Baineng will use more advanced productivity to create stronger market competitiveness and become an advanced benchmarking enterprise in the stainless steel home furniture industry.

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The monthly excellent staff meeting was held at the same time as the celebration. Wang Wenshuan, general manager of Baineng Home furnitures, delivered a speech. Mr. Wang analyzed the performance completion and the company's future development goals for everyone, encouraging everyone to overcome the temporary uncertainty brought about by the epidemic, and steadily and steadily Quality, products, services and other work should be implemented well, to be a struggler who only strives for the day and night, a pioneer who seeks from top to bottom, and a person who is responsible for me!

steel outdoor cabinet

General Manager of Baineng Home furniture, delivered a speech


Baineng 16 years

Strong in change and beyond in innovation

Back in 2006, the Baineng brand was born. At that time, under the background that many people did not understand custom home furniture, let alone stainless steel cabinets, Baineng people, represented by Chairman Hu Shuangxi, relied on the spirit of "dare to be the first in the world". With courage, we decided to completely solve the pain point of traditional cabinets that are "not environmentally friendly and not durable", so that Chinese consumers can also enjoy higher-end quality home products.

stainless cabinet

With the strong dream of improving people's home environment, after arduous exploration and practice, Baineng people finally chose to use 304 stainless steel as the base material to make cabinets into the market, thus creating a dazzling and magnificent era of stainless steel industry.

ss cupboard

16 years of hardships and glory all the way, in the hope and pressure, Baineng Home furniture has broken the routine time and time again, brought forth new ideas, led the development of the industry, invented the stainless steel tenon and mortise technology, developed metal honeycomb panels, innovated the industry process, and edited the industry standard of household stainless steel cabinets. , which has laid a solid technical and standard foundation for the stainless steel home furniture industry, and has become a model for many rising stars in the industry to imitate.

stainless steel kitchen storage cabinets

Intelligent Industry 4.0 Base


In 2022, the R&D and production base of Baineng Home furniture (Industry 4.0) will be successfully completed. With the support of industry-leading technology and equipment, Baineng will have stronger production capacity and more stable delivery capabilities, creating a networked sales design, Digitalization of production scheduling, informatization of manufacturing execution, intelligent process management and large-scale customization of online and offline, front-end and back-end comprehensive coordination, so as to achieve a double leap in quality and efficiency.

stainless steel kitchen sink cabinet

cabinet for built in microwave

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