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This Is Why Stainless Steel Cabinets Are Better Than Other Cabinets

Source: Baineng  Date: 03/26/2019

The kitchen is very important for a family, and the family's one-day food is born here. Therefore, whether the kitchen decoration is good or bad will affect the mood of the chef of the day to a certain extent, and in the kitchen decoration, the rationality of the kitchen cabinet plays a very important role. A good kitchen cabinet can not only improve the quality of the home, but also quickly improve happiness.

A well-designed kitchen cabinet, the kitchen line should be clear and reasonable. Common types of kitchens are - U-shaped, one-word shaped, and L-shaped. For the corresponding type, there is no strict distinction between good and bad, and you can choose the structure that suits you. However, whether the kitchen cabinet is environmentally friendly is related to the health of the family and needs to be carefully selected.

well designed kitchen cabinet why better

In the kitchen cabinet, the kitchen cabinet carcass is a very important part. At present, the kitchen cabinet carcass used in the market has wooden and stainless steel. Most homes choose stainless steel carcass when decorating kitchen cabinets. Compared with wooden carcass, what are the advantages of stainless steel carcass and why it became to mainstream in kitchen cabinets?

 From the perspective of environmental performance. Wooden carcass are generally made of wood glued by chemical glue, most of which contain harmful ingredients, such as formaldehyde that we often hear ~ well-known china stainless steel kitchen cabinet manufacturer ~ Baineng kitchen cabinet funiture, when manufacturing stainless steel kitchen cabinets that use of 304# food-grade stainless steel material, environmental protection performance is very strong, health and safety, no need to worry it will effect our healthy.

 From the perspective of mildew performance. The kitchen is one of the heaviest areas of the family. Wooden kitchen cabinets are more prone to mildew and bacteria in humid environments, which not only affects the appearance but also affects the food stored in the kitchen cabinet. Since the stainless steel kitchen cabinets carcass is no ingredient that can cause bacterial growth, so it is entirely impossibility promote mildew.

stainless steel kitchen sink cabinet why better

From the perspective of moisture resistance. Use the wooden material to make the kitchen cabinet with a layer of aluminum foil pad for moisture protection, but this case can only be moisture-proof and not waterproof. After the kitchen cabinet is used for a long time, it is easy to soak the moisture and cause the carcass to soften; and the stainless steel carcass itself It is moisture-proof and waterproof. Compared with wooden kitchen cabinets, it is durable and green.

stainless steel cabinet china why better

From the perspective of fire performance. The kitchen serves as the place with thick lampblack The fireproof performance of the kitchen is very important. The wooden kitchen cabinet itself is flammable and does not have waterproof performance. In contrast,the stainless steel kitchen cabinet not only has good fire performance but also has high-temperature resistance.

ss cupboard why better

From the perspective of cleaning. The wooden kitchen cabinet material has the ability to absorb water. Use the water wiping often will cause the wood to swell, deform and even mold, which not only affects the appearance but also affects the use. The cleaning products such as soapy water and detergent are corrosive, and the cabinets are often in contact. These acid and alkaline detergents will become dull, so be sure to use professional detergents when cleaning wooden kitchen cabinets. In contrast, stainless steel cabinets are not so The "sweet", not only anti-oil is better cleaned, can be washed directly with water, it is very convenient to clean.

stainless steel cabinet door why better

For stainless steel kitchen cabinets, the carcass is like its "body". The carcass with good quality and good style is not only easy to use, but also has the finishing touch to the overall beauty of the kitchen cabinet. Baineng stainless steel kitchen cabinets bring customers a metal-like texture with their special materials,by virtue of their own characteristics to make customer satisfaction.

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