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Kitchen Cabinet Selection | Teach You How To Choose High Quality Cupboards So That You Have A High Quality Kitchen(2)

If you have read before two traps on how to choose high quality cupboards so that you have a high quality kitchen, certainly here should become your world to know more about custom kitchen cupboards.

Trap 3: The details are not important.

1, Blindly believe that the brand: generally in the selection of cabinets are recommended consumers choose regular brands, but do not say blindly believe that these brands, after all, "No rape is not business", many brands will be playing with a brand cooperation The slogan, but consumers are not clear whether they really have such cooperation, or even whether the quality of these products is reliable.

While choosing the regular cabinet brand, it is also necessary to carefully examine the quality of the cabinets, which are generally identified through processes such as plates, countertops, drilling, and edge sealing. Good cabinet plates and countertops are hardwearing, and drilling and sealing are done very finely.

Modern Kitchen Black Cabinets

2, hardware accessories are not important: Cabinet is the use of hardware accessories one of the most building materials, the quality of hardware accessories directly affect the life of the cabinet, some owners do not understand this truth, when purchasing only pay attention to the appearance, the quality of the plate and the table, The longer the results were used, the more the hardware accessories became the main reason for the decrepitness of the cabinets.
When selecting cabinets, you can first look at the brand of hardware accessories it uses. The quality of general hardware accessories will also affect the price of cabinets. If economic conditions permit, you can use slightly higher-grade hardware accessories to make the cabinet more durable.

Trap 4: Ignore the actual cabinet quality

1, gullible "environmental protection" certification: related to the use of plates, the environmental protection of the cabinet also received consumer attention. As long as you go to the store and stroll around, you will find many things like “all environmental protection”, “E0 cabinet” and “collision avoidance clauses for formaldehyde release”. In fact, many of these are the hype of merchants. Only to discover a concept of these so-called "environmental protection" knowledge.

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The environmental protection of cabinets is related to the environmental performance, processing technology, and installation technology of the panels. From a practical standpoint, 100% environmentally-friendly cabinets are difficult to achieve. At the time of purchase, they were certified by the China Environmental Protection Marking Co., Ltd. "Prevail.

2, the election panel only to see the performance of the surface: Now the performance of cabinet panels more and more, waterproof, fire, no scratches, etc., these properties are in fact the surface performance of the panel, and the actual use of the plate is the most important. Many consumers who do not understand are deceived by these properties, ignoring the material things.

Cabinet panels generally have solid wood panels, plywood, and large core boards. Identifying the density and quality of cabinet panels is the most important thing consumers should do. It is also a necessary condition for selecting good quality cabinets.

Modern Green Kitchen Cabinets

As the saying goes, "Home improvement is an imperfect work of art." During the home improvement process, there will be a variety of regret projects. Try to avoid the appearance of regret and need to understand the mistakes of the home improvement process.

Cupboard purchase is a cost for home improvement. Therefore, it is critical to select the cabinets. Do a good job of planning before buying. Don't just look at the appearance and ignore the internals. When appropriate, you need to check the quality of the cabinets. This is the smartest way. Cabinet selection method.

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