Guangdong Baineng Home Furniture Co.,Ltd.

White color modern style stainless steel kitchen cabinet (provided by the customer)

White dream home

Fashion and simple collocation


Show you the world in fairy tales

Dream home

Angel white     Walk into the dream country    

Elegant angel white

Like a fairyland in a dream

Holy and elegant

Pure white

Black wine rack and wood color open grid match

Intoxicatingly simple

Different colors

Space is extremely tense


Art Ecological Platinum

Extraordinary Taste

The electrostatic micro-spraying process gives the artistic eco-platinum a warmer color and a richer shape. The door panel is embedded with golden lines to show its grace and nobility, just like a European-style nobleman pursuing the ultimate life details. Perfect and flawless


Exquisite open cabinet design

Has a unique style

Classic L-shaped layout, reasonable distribution of functional areas, open storage supplemented by wood grain background, modern and natural fusion, low-key but not mediocre


Minimalist life, ultimate storage

Perfect integration of storage function and cabinet

Create an extraordinary visual experience

Depth space design wine rack

Larger reserves and easier access

Dream home

Have a dream kitchen

Dream of a different taste


Satisfy all your imagination about the kitchen








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