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The Southern Wind Weather Is Coming, So Please Go Through This Moisture-Proof Strategy!

Source:Baineng  Date:03/12/2021

The Southern Wind Weather is coming, so please go through this moisture-proof strategy!

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Just after the Insects Awaken, the thundering spring wakes up. Many cities in China are experiencing large-scale precipitation.

Every year in March and April, there will be headaches in many areas of the Southern Wind Weather. This weather is characterized by wet and damp, and often causes a lot of inconvenience to daily life.


1. It’s raining non-stop, the households get mildew

"Southern Wind Weather" is a kind of weather phenomenon, which usually occurs in March and April in spring. The cause is that after the cold air is gone, the warm and humid airflow quickly counterattacks, causing the temperature to rise and the air humidity to increase. And when cold objects are encountered the warm and humid airflow, water droplets will be produced on the surface.

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The phenomenon of Southern Wind Weather is usually more serious in the south. During this time, the furniture, walls, and the ground became wet. If it is not handled in time, it will cause mildew on clothing and furniture, slippery floors, and other problems.


2. Home has Baineng, moisture-proof and worry-free

When it comes to "Southern Wind Weather", the maintenance of household products has become a big challenge. At this time, the comfort of having a set of Baineng stainless steel furniture at home is highlighted.

 Water-proof and moisture-proof is a major feature of Baineng stainless steel home furniture, which is determined by the excellent corrosion resistance of its raw material 304 food grade stainless steel. Baineng all-steel cabinets have went through a long time water seeping test, and their water-proof and mildew-proof performance are excellent.

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In Southern Wind Weather, the water mist has formed on the surface of stainless steel furnitures can be wiped off gently with a cloth. There is no need for complicated maintenance at all. There will be no rust, mildew and other problems, and a healthy life is guaranteed.

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3. Tips for "Southern Wind Weather

 When encounter Southern Wind Weather, in addition to households’ maintenance, there are many other details in life that require special attention. Let me share with you:


  • Close doors and windows is the key

Close doors and windows sooner or later is the key to coping with the return to the south. If there is fog in the morning and you feel that the weather will be warmer, the "return to the south" may be coming. At this time, all doors and windows in your home should be closed when going out to effectively prevent warm and humid air from entering.

  • Dehumidifiers are better than air conditioners

The dehumidification of the air conditioner will also reduce the indoor temperature, resulting in an increase in the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor. Once the window is opened, the moisture regain will be more serious. In addition, the indoor temperature is low and the body feels uncomfortable. The use of a dehumidifier to dehumidify not only has a large amount of dehumidification, but also does not reduce the indoor temperature, and can prevent the temperature difference from increasing, and the effect is better than that of air conditioning.

  • Use gadgets skillfully

You can spread old newspapers on the floor and other places that are prone to moisture; place activated carbon, dehumidifier, and desiccant at home; use hot water and salt to mop the floor to accelerate the evaporation of water.


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