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Baineng Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet · The Evaluation Of Wishper Of Wind For Light Luxury High-End Customized Kitchen Cabinet(1)

Indulge in the calmness and cozyness brought by the wind, and feel the joy of life. Let the soul and the love of the family wake up here and make the family live and free.

Industrial Modern Kitchen Cabinets

When you are out of business for a hard time, you're nervous and hard working. After dragging her tired body, he returned home when night fell, finally gathered with his family and finally had a moment of peace.

Open the soft light of the kitchen, play a soft and pleasant piano music, wonderful and warm family dinner began, in this pleasant cooking kitchen time, closer to the family, all the emotions and life of the trivial Vented outlets.

Modern Industrial Kitchen Cabinets

This period of China cabinet network evaluation section will take everyone into an elegant and comfortable kitchen space, take a look at the light luxury cabinet brought by the Baineng stainless steel kitchen cabinets- the whisper of wind!

Assessment project 1: Appearance Design

This kitchen cabinet combines a wide range of fashionable and fresh elements, smooth and comfortable stainless steel countertops, warm and pure white ibis platinum space door, original wood color open frames and tripods.

Modern House Kitchen Cabinets

The stainless steel, white and natural wood color match with the natural harmony. The classic look, beautiful door panel and bar counter allow people to relax and enjoy a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.

The whole cabinets are all equipped with in-line fashion appliances, coffee makers, ovens, refrigerators and induction cookers, adding modern taste to the kitchen life.

Contemporary Black Kitchen Cabinets

The open bar of the original wood and the playful decoration of the triangular bevel add a touch of elegance.

Nestle's exclusive stainless steel cylinder range hood is located above the cooking zone in Nakajima, and it is fashionable and simple. It matches the embedded embedded stove in Nakajima and is full of modern high-tech sense.

Contemporary Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Cleaning and cooking are concentrated in the open L-shaped island cabinet, ergonomic.

Iron gray matte hanger, simple atmosphere, can easily place small objects, increase the kitchen space level.

Assessment project 2: The material of kitchen cabinet

Stainless steel "manganese" content test

According to the national food safety standards, the manganese content of stainless steel used in food containers must not exceed 2%. The higher the manganese content, the faster the red color and the deeper the red color.

Contemporary Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Take a small piece of "Beneng 304" and "201 material" stainless steel material, drop "stainless steel manganese content test solution."

Black Kitchen Cabinets Modern

10 seconds, you will find that "Beneng 304" stainless steel has not changed at all, and the "201 material" next to it has already begun to turn red gradually, and there is a tendency to become red more and more. It can be seen that "Bainer304" is safer and healthier.

Brown Kitchen Cabinets Modern

Baineng Fengzhi uses SUS304 food-grade antibacterial stainless steel. The food can be placed directly on the table without worrying about formaldehyde and heavy metal pollution. The patented technology is used to connect stainless steel horses to the cabinet body. The more force is exerted on the cabinet, the more stable the connection is.

At the same time using a special drawing process, easy to gather water, the liquid is not easy to flow to the ground, eliminating the need for cleaning, the table smooth, comfortable touch, will not easily leave fingerprints, good cleaning, save time and effort.

Brown Modern Kitchen Cabinets

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