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Time Chaser | Baineng Wang Wenshuang: Time Changes Space, Explore New Possibilities of Stainless Steel Cabinets with R&D and Precipitation

As the epidemic has been effectively controlled, residents have rekindled their enthusiasm for consumption, and various industries have emerged from the haze of the "black swan" incident. The kitchen and bathroom industry has also ushered in an era of unprecedented change. The demand for intelligence, scene, health, socialization, and integration will inevitably generate a strong driving force. Now that the market is becoming more and more active, what are the new needs, new ideas, new products, and new trends in the kitchen and bathroom industry... The Tencent Home Reporting team will witness the new power of the kitchen and bathroom industry from a professional perspective.

May 26-29, 2021, the 26th China International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition, which has been held for 25 consecutive sessions, is highly influential in the country, Asia and the world. At this exhibition, Tencent Home Furnishing will focus on new trends in the industry, new kitchen and bathroom products, and new brand concepts, and speak for the kitchen and bathroom industry that creates a better life.

Therefore, we hereby launch the "Kitchen·Bathroom·New Life" series of interviews with Chinese home furnishing entrepreneurs in "Time Chaser", spread through the entire network of Tencent's home furnishing professional media platform, set an industry example and vane, and spread the industry's right energy.

In this interview, we are fortunate to invite Mr. Wang Wenshuang, General Manager of Baineng Home Furnishings, at the 26th China International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition to explore the way to break the situation of stainless steel custom cabinets under the new air outlet.

[Tencent Home Furnishing]: At this Shanghai exhibition, we saw that your brand launched many new products. Can you introduce the new products and the original intention of their research and development?

[Wang Wenshuang]: The new products brought by Baineng this time-the "Mental State" and "Artistic State" series, the subtle use of different materials, while restoring and displaying the product itself, interprets a different realm. Under the soft lighting atmosphere, the mood cabinet presents a three-dimensional light and shadow effect. The appearance of solid wood can easily arouse people's special feelings. The natural wood color complements the post-modern eclectic style, stable and stylish, radical and peaceful, in line with the aesthetic needs of the current consumer groups

[Tencent Home Furnishing]: As one of the largest exhibitions in Asia, Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show, what is the layout of Baineng's continued exposure to the exhibition?

[Wang Wenshuang]: Baineng's plan this year is to participate in four exhibitions, namely the custom exhibition in March, the kitchen and bathroom exhibition in May, the construction expo in July and the design week in December. The four exhibitions have different positioning, which is conducive to the promotion of different product cultures of our brand, so we also spent a lot of energy into the exhibition this year.

[Tencent Home Furnishing]: As a brand specializing in stainless steel custom cabinets, what breakthroughs do you think need to be made in this sector to cater to or lead this trend?

[Wang Wenshuang]: Stainless steel cabinets have been gradually recognized by consumers in the past three to five years. There are relatively few companies that can achieve sufficiently stable quality and large enough production capacity. Why does this problem or phenomenon occur in the stainless steel cabinet customization industry? This is because the back-end of stainless steel cabinet manufacturing, that is, information-based intelligent manufacturing is still an emerging topic. The Baineng Industry 4.0 production base will be put into operation in 2021. Baineng is the first to enter this field, hoping to change the problem or phenomenon of the company itself through practice. At the same time, we also hope that we can use practical actions to change this problem or phenomenon in the industry and promote the healthy development of the stainless steel cabinet category.

[Tencent Home]: The core of the smart kitchen industry. In your opinion, where is the future of stainless steel cabinets and smart combination?

[Wang Wenshuang]: Whether it is the back-end intelligent manufacturing or the use of intelligent functions of the terminal, in the future, we will work hard to try and develop it. It will take a long time to settle before we can truly integrate intelligence with home appliances and cabinets. All the home furnishing products inside are fused together.

[Tencent Home]: In recent years, kitchen-related categories have developed well, but competition is inevitable. How can your brand maintain its core advantage in the competition?

[Wang Wenshuang]: In order to maintain an absolute leading advantage in quality and service for a long time, Baineng has invested in the construction of a 120000m² Industry 4.0 production base. At that time, more advanced equipment and intelligent systems will bring stronger marketing support and operational support to all dealer partners. The order management system, 3D rendering system, order splitting system, and production MES system are seamlessly connected to the factory's flexible and intelligent production equipment. The front-end and back-end realize rapid flow and create a fast delivery system to truly satisfy customers and consumers. rest assured.

Interview notes:

The industry trend has come quietly. Baineng Home Furnishing maintains its original intention, conforms to the times, and comprehensively thinks from the back end to the front end, and it is incumbent to devote itself to the development of the industry. As a sub-category of stainless steel custom cabinets, Baineng spends time precipitation in exchange for market space, breaks the traditional shackles, and brings more new choices and new possibilities to national home life.

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