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The 500 Strongest! Baineng Home Furniture Has Won This Heavy Honor!

Source: Baineng  Date:04/28/2021

The 500 strongest! Baineng Home Furniture has won this heavy honor!

Recently, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce released the "2020 China Top 500 Home Furnishing Manufacturing Industries" list, and Baineng Home was on the list.

stainless steel cabinet china heavy honor

The National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce was established in 2002. It is currently the only national home furnishing industry organization covering various fields such as home circulation, furniture, building materials, and home decoration. Its top 500 home furnishing manufacturing industry lists follow all categories, subdivisions, The guiding principles of head brand and basic coverage are selected after long-term detailed investigation and research, and have strong industry authority and guidance.

stainless steel cabinet factory heavy honor

Honor witnesses strength, and strength carries quality. The entry into the "Top 500 Home Furnishing Manufacturing Industries in China" this time is a recognition of Baineng's comprehensive strengths such as manufacturing level, product technology, and brand awareness. Baineng products now cover six categories and ten series, and are unique in the custom home furnishing industry with their distinctive products.

baineng cabinet heavy honor

In the past 15 years of development, the Baineng brand has won countless reputations along the way, but never forgets its original intention and mission. With the commissioning of Baineng's new intelligent base, it is foreseeable that Baineng's development will usher in a brand new milestone.

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