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How To Choose U-Shape Cabinets When Custom Kitchen Cupboard

Source: Baineng  Date: 04/17/2019

U-shaped cabinets are suitable for large kitchens, and you must be sure to find a reliable brand furniture kitchen factory in the selection. Now there are many famous brand custom-made kitchen cabinets. As for the design, it should be done according to the actual situation of the location. Here are some examples to share.

This is a U-shaped stainless steel kitchen design, but because the kitchen is not very large, the aisle looks very narrow. If still have place near the door, you can put the refrigerator. Wall tile parquet is specially made in the cooking area, very personal.

furniture kitchen factory u shape

This is also a U-shaped, each side of the area is divided, and there is a disinfection cabinet. The other side is a small electrical area, the overall is black and white, stylish atmosphere.

stainless steel kitchen design u shape

This is very delicate, washing and frying in three areas, the right side is a small electrical area, the design is very reasonable. The cabinets are mainly light, very stylish. 

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