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The door type, scattered with modern style design, with the new free hidden metal pull with minimalist styling to reflect a beautiful kitchen cabinet, dark wood gain make the open frame with a modern feeling of quality depth. Style wine bar hanger also more stylish. The pursuit of delicate life elite to create a high-end aesthetic kitchen space.

Shaker Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Shaker Style Base Cabinets


Black and white matching is an expression of minmalist style, combinet with stainleless steel counter top and oblique triangle design, more prominent sense fashion. Chaotic pattern stainless steel bar makes this simple more poetic, more exotic, and better reflect the stainless steel process characteristics.

Shaker Style Beadboard Cabinets

Shaker Style Cabinets For Kitchen

Norway Forest

Freshness and natural bring you back to natural and feeling the appeal of the life. We design storage space and using the design of modern language to shows a simple and beautiful life state.

The glass series kitchen cabinet is Baineng’s Best-selling product, the thickness of glass door is 20mm, and the panel structure is that surface is 4mm thick glass, middle is PVC foam board, the back side is 1mm thick stainless steel, and they're fixed with aluminum edge. it has many advantages, such as it’s completely waterproof, cost effectiveness, very easy to clean, and door panels have many different color options to choose from. The combination of glass door panel and stainless steel cabinet carcass is a good choice for most middle-class families.

Shaker Style Cabinets With Beadboard

Shaker Style Cabinets With Beading

Gold Coast

The aluminum foil MDF series kitchen cabinet is Baineng’s patented design product, it’s using childhood building blocks to play with others, using geometric elements to mix and match, using body language to reinterpret casual attitude to life, breaking the rules, using irregular elements to make an art beauty. The combination of stainless steel counter top and brown aluminum foil door panel has a mature atmosphere, seems like it tells us the successful life of the owner.

Shaker Style Door Cabinet

Shaker Style Kitchen Wall Cabinets

The Rhine

The theme of this kitchen cabinet is postmodernism. The whole design combined with modern white color, and European style geometric decorative column. It shows a new design style, and  it is using the most era of aesthetic feeling of geometrical element to explain the new postmodernism.

This set is really the representative of our high-end kitchen cabinet. Platinum kitchen cabinet is the perfect understanding of high-end kitchen home furnishing art, with the attitude of builders, to shape every detail. Use the art of supremacy, to look at every line, let the quality move the life, let the artistic inspire of life.

Styles Of Shaker Cabinets

Shaker Style Tall Cabinet

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