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Baineng SHOW Exhibition

Source:Baineng  Date:07/21/2021

As a result, from 7 to the first day of the opening of the 23rd China Construction Expo on July 20, 2021, there is a lot of excitement in the Baineng Pavilion. Follow the editor's lens to see the grand occasion.

Masters are responsible for the fun and interesting layout of the Baineng exhibition hall


This time, the Baineng Image Gallery was led by Master Shao Weiyan from DRD Design and Research Institute, and worked with the bamboo and wood mortar team to complete the design. There are many highlights, which can be described as both appearance and strength.

The image gallery uses multiple integration as a means to integrate the concepts of nature, order, enclosure, and structure to explore the various possibilities of "home" and allow life to coexist with nature. Through the ceremonial and see-through corridor in the exhibition area, after a series of detours and turns, you can see the functionally divided exhibition rooms scattered around the inner courtyard, followed by independent exhibition areas such as cloakroom, bathroom, and restaurant, allowing visitors to visit Apart from experiencing the garden atmosphere, you can also enjoy the fun homecoming experience.


Hot signings Countless fans of Baineng Stainless Steel Home Furnishing Circle

On the first day of the exhibition, Baineng's booth was full of people, and it quickly ushered in the first wave of popularity. Many customers decisively chose to sign and join after visiting the site. The hot signing scene became a beautiful scene on the scene.


Part of the contracted customers today

In the current fierce home furnishing competition situation, stainless steel home furnishings have suddenly emerged, and this force is getting stronger and stronger. Baineng, with its impressive industry position, leading technical advantages, unique material properties, and beautiful design effects, is favored by the audience.



System empowerment 13 days rapid delivery to see the future

Delivery issues are a pain point in the custom home furnishing industry. The long delivery cycle, difficult and slow delivery lead to poor consumer experience and become the fuse of the three-party conflicts between enterprises, distributors and consumers.





In order to completely resolve this contradiction, Baineng Home Furnishing exerts the spirit of daring to be the first in the world and invests funds to build an Industry 4.0 R&D and production base. With digitalization and informatization as the link, we have intelligentized high-end equipment, advanced technology, process improvement and upgrading, flexible manufacturing, automated production lines, etc., and successfully built a 13-day delivery system to achieve high-efficiency, high-quality and rapid delivery, and completely solve delivery problems.


The products exhibited this time are five categories of Mind Series stainless steel Cabinets,  stainless steel Wardrobes, stainless steel Bathroom Cabinets, stainless steel TV Cabinets, and Yijing Series Wine Cabinets. The tone of the product is mainly in line with the popular ink and wash, full of individuality, introverted and unassuming, elegant and not kitsch, highly respected by successful people.

Baineng Home Furnishing The 23rd China Construction Expo


Booth No.: 4.2-11, Zone A

Looking forward to meeting you in Guangzhou

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