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New Model Kitchen Cabinet “Blue Danube”

  • source:baineng
  • Date:08/22/2019

New model kitchen cabinet “Blue Danube”, feel the light of reason and the voice of romance
Vienna on the Danube, full of romance and hope
John Strauss
Created the waltz "Blue Danube"
Since then, Vienna has been in the cheerful rhythm of waltz.
Climbing to the pinnacle represented by modernist culture.


Baineng stainless steel kitchen cabinet new model "Blue Danube"
Based on the artistic history of Vienna, the romantic capital of eternal hope
Tonality with modern luxury style

Integrating the "people-oriented" concept into the kitchen cabinet industry design
Create a life aesthetic space that combines practical functions and appearance
The innovative design expresses the connotation of the pursuit of modern romanticism
Give the kitchen a luxurious, smart and romantic atmosphere


Baineng stainless steel kitchen cabinet "Blue Danube" uses a unique ecological platinum process
Fireproof, insect-proof, waterproof, tight, durable, heavy load-bearing
Romantic poetic bluestone silver stainless steel door panel dazzling

Under the illuminating of 8 cm glass laminate lights
Deducting the light of reason and the voice of romance
A new generation of consumers who are looking for a personalized lifestyle


The light luxury style perfectly controls all kinds of home improvement environment
Make your kitchen look more advanced


The arc-shaped cabinet design exudes more humanized taste


Non-porous stainless steel kickboard and chaotic stainless steel countertops make the corners of the kitchen reveal comfort and practicality


"Blue Danube" bluestone silver door plate and smart kitchen electric match
It is a classic dark and light color combination
Round and comfortable lines and pure colors make the intersection of rationality and sensibility


Stainless steel racks help you properly store all kinds of objects
Construct an interesting storage aesthetic space
Make you feel infinitely happy and secure


The rational light makes the happy life come true.
Romantic rhythm meets all your illusions about happy life
Baineng stainless steel cabinet "Blue Danube"
Borrowing you to kill mediocrity
Let your heart beat like the past
It's a bloody, enjoyable moment that you want to enjoy right away.