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Guangdong baineng kicthen cabinet 2018 new year party was spectacular held in Zengcheng Guangzhou On January 1st. All the staff and some family members were dressed up attended the party.

Baineng kicthen cabinet was developed with a steady pace in 2017, especially in the domestic real estate market is not good. It was inseparable from the efforts and struggles of all the baineng family members. All of the creative and choreographed programs were rehearsed by our staff in the midst of pressing affairs at the end of the year. It is the agglomeration by bainengs' of joy and youth. Every great dance, surprise moment on the stage, wonderful presentation of each program have caused thunderous applause and cheers from the scene.

The party not only thanked all the staff for a year's hard work, also commendation for 2017 advanced departments, excellent manager and outstanding employee. The most touching is the five - year contribution award, the ten-year contribution award for bainengs' staff. They have contributed to their best youth. It also created the best prospects for the later baineng.

The chairman of baineng hushuangxi extended his best wishes to the family. summed up the brilliant achievements made by baineng in 2017. And pointed out it will be a crucial year for baineng development in 2018, we face more than opportunities and challenges. It is the key to the second breakthrough. So we must seize the opportunity to do our best, the good momentum of current market development. Take advantage of the company's existing strengths, excavate and integrate resources, increase marketing efforts and improve product quality, increase product innovation, optimize product structure, and strive for a greater breakthrough in market share. Thus to master more market initiatives.

Believe in 2018, It will be a new and innovative with a new attitude and a new chapter in the development under the correct decision-making and leadership of the management of the company, all employees work together with one heart and one mind, united and enterprising spirit.

The team with the overall awareness, service awareness and coordination consciousness is the best team in 2017. Our company has spring up many advanced team and individuals, outstanding staff of excellent team outstanding staff are standing out. They have a high team spirit, mutual solidarity and mutual support, and team members have a tacit understanding. Rely on the team's collective strength to complete all work requirements and production targets excellently. They have improved processes to reduce costs and improve efficiency pursuit of excellence in the pursuit of product technology. Some are satisfied customers and the market demand for the pursuit of the goal, self-pressure and continuous improvement. They use the team's excellent performance to explain what is the true baineng spirit.

Among them, there are ordinary employees, there are excellent senior management leadership through the most mostalgic part of the road with Baineng. What we did in our youth may not be earth-shatter, but it is the most unforgettable period in our life. The devoted the best youth to Baineng and created the best prospects for the later one.

The programs are self-starred by the different departments. They performed wonderful songs and dancing shows at the party. The process also interspersed with multiple rounds of lottery. The winning colleagues cheered, and the applause rippled in the hall.

We stay true to the mission and forge ahead in 2017. We will Keep our mission in mind and work together in 2018. With full joy to reap last precious gift of 2017 and with the full hope to spend the good times together of 2018. Wish tomorrow bainengs' would be better.

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