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Baineng Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet · The Evaluation Of Wishper Of Wind For Light Luxury High-End Customized Kitchen Cabinet(2)

The Pentagon Whisper of Wind A8 intelligent stainless steel kitchen cabinet, 360 degrees waterproof, no deformation, no mildew, anti-termite, more durable, cabinet solid, strong bearing capacity.

The cabinet wall cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel back plate, and it is designed for installation from the wall 2CM, which effectively guarantees the waterproof capacity of the backboard and ensures that the cabinet will not be moldy.

Modern Simple Kitchen Cabinets

Baineng Whisper of Wind uses a platinum space door, clean and pure Zhulu white, creating a delicate and delicate jade, which makes the comfort of the spring breeze.

Front and back panels are 304 stainless steel, waterproof, wear-resistant, anti-oxidation, health and environmental protection.

Each door 304 stainless steel one bending forming, are formed independently in a dust-free environment, the surface of the electrophoresis process, to aeronautical metallic paint, do not fade, can not afford to paint, anti-static, sticky soot.

Assessment project 3: The hardware for kitchen cabinet

Modern Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Blum quick-load cushioning and damped hinges, cold-rolled steel, hinged precision laser positioning hole pre-embedded stainless steel screw hole technology, door flat, small gap.

Doors open and close silent, fast installation, simple and convenient without tools removal, 200,000 normal opening and closing, 25 years long rust, life-long replacement.

Hanging cabinet with a special hanging code embedded in the wall, bearing weight up to 150KG, not easy to fall.

One-piece 304 stainless steel sink, seamless, no rust, easy to clean. Equipped with 304 food-grade stainless steel pull-type hot and cold faucets, the material does not contain lead and other heavy metals, random drawing, accurate return, flexible operation, economic and environmental protection.

Under the basin, the cabinet is installed with a clean transporter to pull the basket and house cleaning utensils to keep the interior of the cabinet clean and dry.

Assessment project4: The specials of product

Small Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Tall cabinet top layer of tempered glass active laminates, humanized baffle design, to prevent items from sliding out, glass design allows not only to see the top store items, under soft lighting mapping, there is a dreamlike decoration effect. The high cabinet door opens and closes at a wide angle of 155°, providing a wide field of vision and convenient handling of items.

All drawers use the Austrian Blum LEGRABOX ultra-thin metal drawers, which can be lightly opened and closed with a slight touch. They run smoothly and show an elegant sporty aesthetic.

Wall hanging cabinets, Nakajima open cabinets, increase the storage function. The cabinet FDE cabinet force balance technology, the cabinet body is evenly distributed, the bearing capacity is stronger.

The integrated one-stage welding process of the basin is not dirty and easy to clean. Sink corner adopts second-generation connection technology, smooth and smooth connection, high aesthetic appearance.

Evaluation summary

Small Modern Kitchen Cupboards

Baineng Windsor is an interactive functional kitchen cabinet that exudes the taste of modern intellectual and elegant living. It is tailored for the upmarket white collar, elite and other urban upstarts.

The chanting of the wind is gentle, one by one, beating notes, plucking the hearts of the people walking in the city. Indulge in the calmness and cozyness brought by the wind, and feel the joy of life. Let the soul and the love of the family wake up here and make the family live and free.

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