Guangdong Baineng Home Furniture Co.,Ltd.

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Guangdong Baineng Home Furniture Co., Ltd, which is a intergrated company specialized in stainless steel kitchen cabinet 、wardrobe design, R&D, production, sale, and other supporting services.

Our manufacturing base is located in Zengcheng district Guangzhou city which with superior environment and convenient transportation. Perseverance and professionalism, make us become one of the country's large stainless steel cabinet production base, we are one of the leading stainless steel kitchen cabinets in the field of manufacturing enterprises.

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Baineng Intelligent Seiko Manufacturing Equipment

Baineng Intelligent Seiko Manufacturing Equipment

Adhering to the concept of "product first, production is the source of quality", Baineng took the lead in introducing Seiko production equipment in the industry.

  • German CNC laser cutting machine.

  • High-precision CNC bending machine.

  • 200-ton weight integrated molding punching machine.

  • Germany imported four - a dimensional fiber welding machine, international salvaging, and TRUMPF intelligent production line.

Baineng Seiko Design and Research Center

Baineng has set up Seiko Design Research Center within the company, specializing in stainless steel manufacturing and design methods.

At the same time, Baineng cooperates with well-known universities at home and abroad and invites famous experts and scholars. Well-known designers serve as design consultants of Baineng Seiko to provide technical support for the R&D and design of Baineng.

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Interpretation Details of The Nine Core Technology Innovations of Baineng

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Baineng Seiko Ingenuity

Baineng Seiko Ingenuity

Millennium craft inheritance

Baineng is always determined to inherit the ancient Chinese spirit and craftsmanship and reinterprets traditional craftsmanship with modern innovative technology. On the basis of absorbing the essence of ancient mortise and tenon technology, Baineng makes creative improvements, successfully develops the stainless steel mortise and tenon and horse pin assembly technology, and applies it to the stainless steel home furnishing industry for the first time, obtaining the exclusive patent.

Baineng Intelligent Information Management System

Baineng takes the initiative to embrace the Internet intelligent information management mode. Focusing on the five links of research and development, production, ordering, manufacturing management, warehousing and logistics, Baineng establishes an information management platform covering the whole life cycle of products, making it possible for the information linkage and collaboration between production links, headquarters and factories, marketing and manufacturing. Thus, it has enhanced the capacity and level of wisdom and intelligence in the new era.

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