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Glory Topping, Opening the Curtain for the Future丨baineng Home Smart R&d and Production Base Is Topping Off!

On January 26, 2021, the main project of Baineng Home Intelligent (Industry 4.0) R&D and production base was officially capped. Facing the rising sun, stepping on the spring breeze, and amidst the joyous sound of firecrackers, Baineng Home's Chairman Hu Shuangxi, General Manager Wang Wenshuang, and Operation Director Xia Ximin gathered together to witness the glorious moment of Baineng.

Baineng Home Intelligent (Industry 4.0) R&D and production base is located in Guangzhou, China, which is known as the "Global Custom Capital". The building area is 83333m², which is composed of 3 large-scale intelligent industrial 4.0 factories and 2 R&D and living buildings. The annual output value is expected to be 1 billion after reaching full capacity.

As a key high-tech enterprise project in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, Baineng's R&D and production base has always been loved by government departments and all walks of life. It took only 142 days from the foundation stone laying to the topping out on September 7, 2020. With the completion of this project, it also marks that Baineng is about to enter a new milestone.

As the first intelligent manufacturing R&D base in the stainless steel whole-house customization industry to introduce Industry 4.0 flexible production lines, Baineng will use the system network to reduce human intervention and improve efficiency through the link between the intelligent IoT network and high-precision equipment.Baineng main produce stainless steel kitchen cabinet, stainless steel closet, stainless steel bathroom cabinet,stainless steel wine cabinet,stainless steel bookcase and all home furniture ca be customized.

Through the blessing of Industry 4.0, to achieve a balance between personalized customization and large-scale production of stainless steel homes; thus meeting the company's rapidly growing production capacity needs, and realizing the perfect upgrade from high-end customization of Baineng stainless steel cabinets to intelligent customized large homes.

At the same time, Baineng will use cloud big data to extensively collect and analyze consumer preferences through e-commerce channels, terminal stores, and dealer systems, and conduct product and process research and development to meet the individual needs of tens of millions of consumers. Let Chinese people enjoy more high-end stainless steel customized household products with a sense of design and high cost performance.

Promoting technological innovation and leading the development of the industry are the responsibility and mission of Baineng; as a leader in the stainless steel home furnishing industry, Baineng will always insist on innovation and change to allow consumers to enjoy a better home life.

The future has come. The future can be expected...

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