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How Bad Are These Small Kitchen Habits That Are So Accustomed To Health?

Source:Baineng  Date:08/07/2021

The kitchen is closely related to the health of the family

Food is food to safety first

However, some small habits that you may be accustomed to

But it will bring a lot of harm to the health of the family

Error 1

Defrost food directly on the countertop

Sometimes, for the convenience of illustration, we directly thaw the food taken out of the refrigerator on the countertop. We don't know that doing so will cause bacteria to multiply rapidly at room temperature in the kitchen, posing a threat to the health of the family.

ss cabinet habits

Baineng 304 stainless steel countertops have undergone good antibacterial heat treatment and have good antibacterial properties, eliminating the bacteria breeding environment that causes mold from the source. Of course, the best way to defrost is to defrost the food in the freezer of the refrigerator or in the basin.

ss cabinets habits

Error 2

Turn off the cooker hood immediately after cooking

Turn off the cooker hood after frying, which is as natural as turning off the light, but I don’t know that there are great hidden dangers in doing so. The cooking fume after cooking contains a lot of carcinogenic harmful substances, so after cooking, the range hood should be kept running for 3-5 minutes to ensure the discharge of harmful gases.

ss cupboard habits

In addition, operating the range hood for a few minutes can also greatly reduce the adhesion of lampblack to the cabinet, making it easier to take care of. If you still find it troublesome to take care of, you can consider stainless steel cabinets. The grease will be wiped off, and there will be no cracks in the kitchen under high temperature environment, so the maintenance is more worry-free.

stainless steel cabinet china habits

Error 3

The kitchen only has one cutting board

Many friends have only one chopping board in their kitchen. It seems convenient to use this chopping board for raw food, cooked food, vegetables, and fruits. In fact, this behavior has a very big hidden danger. Foods such as raw meat may contain E. coli, salmonella, etc. Sick bacteria.

stainless steel cabinet factory habits

"Both raw and cooked" may cause bacteria on raw food to contaminate other foods, so the tools for handling raw and cooked must be separated. Although Baineng 304 stainless steel countertops can cut vegetables directly on the countertop, you should also pay attention to the separation of raw and cooked.

Error 4

Rinse the meat directly with a tap

Many people wash the meat directly with a tap or rinse in the sink. The National Health Commission has issued a special warning to this behavior. Washing raw meat may cause bacteria to "splash" and cause the risk of cross-infection. The correct approach It is to use a special container filled with water to clean, and then clean the utensils after washing. Or buy double sink basins and use sinks separately, which is safer and more worry-free. Quartz countertop really very dirty, we suggest use stainless steel countertop , because it’s food grade stainless steel , more safety.

stainless steel cabinet for sale habits

Error 5

Reuse oil

Many friends, in order to save money, reluctant to dump the leftover oil from frying and cooking, and use it directly to cook the next dish. This is very unhealthy. The cooking oil is heated to high temperatures for many times, which will produce harmful substances such as fatty acid polymers. Fatty acid polymers can cause liver enlargement, impaired liver function, and can even cause cancer in severe cases.

stainless steel cabinet manufacture habits

These common wrong habits in the kitchen,

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