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Is The Popular Stainless Steel Home High-End Customization Shaken Your Heart?

Source: Baineng Date: 08/12/2019

At one time, the home was just for living and sheltering, and the choice of home furniture is not too bad. Nowadays, consumers are demanding a higher quality of life. In addition to economic interests, home furniture choices are more integrated with their own aesthetics, reflecting its own value. Saying goodbye to make the perfect combination of home products, space and life is the pursuit.

ss cupboard customization

▲Baineng new stainless steel kitchen cabinet Okano

Home, is being redefined. Home is no longer just a place to live, but a way of life that links the emotional values of the family. From the pragmatism of survival to the demand for aesthetic spirit, home life enters the aesthetic era, and the middle and high circle consumer groups begin to truly embrace home aesthetics. On the road of pursuing aestheticism, Baineng stainless steel home high-end customization constantly refreshes the new industry standards to meet the global incremental market demand brought by the third round of consumption upgrade.

stainless steel cabinet china customization

▲Baineng new stainless steel kitchen cabinet Okano

Baineng focuses on the middle and high circle mainstream consumers, through the different from stainless steel materials of traditional wood panel, light luxury and high-end design, unique design elements such as international home fashion color to create differentiated product power in the custom home furniture industry. At the same time, elegant and exquisite decorations are important parts of aesthetics. The tough and soft art design has greatly increased the artistry of the high-end custom space of Baineng stainless steel home, giving the home space healthy, environmentally friendly and comfortable vitality.

stainless steel cabinet factory customization

▲Baieng home appliances

The popular stainless steel home high-end customization has become the fashion choice for middle and high circle consumers because of its redefinition of high-quality life. In the 24th Shanghai International Kitchen and Bath Show this year, Baineng Home has interpreted the high-end customization of stainless steel homes furniture and became a shining pearl at the exhibition. Let's take a look how it shakes your heart!

stainless steel cabinet for sale customization

▲Baineng stainless steel cabinet for wine

After the trend changes, the years of baptism, luxury was defined as a lifestyle that respects the quality of life. Gorgeous and complicated decors gradually withdrew from the fashion show, just the right elegant and refined light luxury style C debut.

stainless steel cabinet manufacture customization

▲Baineng new stainless steel kitchen cabinet“Blue Danube”

In the light luxury style space, the details of the space are used to outline the beauty of the space. In terms of color application, the elegant atmosphere of tobacco ash, iron sumu, fine sand warm white, and emerald blue have become the first choice. At the same time, with the bright color and metal texture decorations as a partial embellishment, the overall space temperament has been instantly enhanced.

stainless steel cabinet suppliers customization

▲Baineng stainless steel wardrobe-The earl's house series

stainless steel kitchen wall cabinets customization

▲Baineng stainless steel bathroom cabinet-The earl's home series

This time, the new stainless steel whole house brought by Baineng  [The earl’s House], the main color is colored ironwood color and black, it's mixed into a high-grade product tonality; and using the unique Aup cel craft, after more than forty rigorous procedures, silky touch, bring a light and luxurious space at home.

stainless steel kitchen storage cabinets customization

▲Baineng stainless steel balcony cabinet-The earl’s house series

Crafty materials

Metal elements are the hot and luxurious elements of the moment. The high-quality texture of food-grade stainless steel is gentle and delicate, and it has a visual artistic tension. It is easy for you to create a stylish and elegant home atmosphere.

Baineng stainless steel home furniture high-end custom Aup cel minimalist door type is set in the gold line, so that the entire space is vivid and full.

stainless steel kitchen sink with cabinet customization

▲Baineng electroplate golden color

Baineng's electroplated gold handles are scientifically designed to meet the human grip curvature; the unique shape adds a poetic touch to space, giving you a different visual experience.

popular stainless steel customization

▲Baineng stainless steel countertop

From defining the high-end customization of stainless steel kitchen cabinets to the opening of the high-end custom stainless steel home furniture in the first year, Baineng has set a large number of steel powder hearts with novel materials and design styles as a professional and powerful stainless steel kitchen cabinet factory. 

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