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Stainless Steel Home Design Story丨Simplicity, Detail And Purity

Source: Baineng  Date:11/05/2021

Good home design is not only a visual enjoyment, but also a way of life. After a busy day, returning home, the pleasing home design can relieve the fatigue and boredom of the work day, and make life full of unexpected joy.

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Simple style, let the family fall in love at first sight


"Less is more" is the famous saying of the famous architect Mies van der Rohe. He opposes over-design and believes that simple things can bring better enjoyment. Whether it is home life or the road of life, from the complex to the simple is a return The only way to freedom and self.


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Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe(1886-1969)


"Less is more" is also the most important slogan of modernism. Minimalism is also called minimalism. Its background is the rapid development of industrial economy in Western society after World War II. By the mid-to-late 1980s, all sectors of society presented a luxury scene and the design style was also Mainly complicated. The concept of minimalism emerges from the sky, awakening people's modern design consciousness like a refreshing breeze.


"Less is more" means lower cost, more advanced technology, and more beautiful shapes while embodying modern design in a simple and simple language. Shows the simple structure, capable modeling and pure surface treatment. This concept has had a profound impact on many design masters.

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Baineng Home applies this concept to home design and has created many classics. Such as the Haoxue series, the design adopts minimalist style, simple lines and white, highlighting the elegant and quiet atmosphere, making people feel tranquil and comfortable.

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The Mulsanne series also takes the minimalist style to its extreme. The smooth lines outline the simplicity and elegance of urban life. The open storage shelves are freely retractable, and the use of the golden ratio of scientific movement lines maximizes the utilization of kitchen space and is beautiful. Home life experience.

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Focus on the details, make the home style extraordinary


Mies Van der Rohe also famously said, "The devil is hidden in the details." In home design, details are like air and are often overlooked, but if any detail is missing, it will make people feel uncomfortable.

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Baineng focuses on the details of home furnishings. The stainless steel backstop and waterstop design, as well as the integrated molding technology of the basin and countertop, make the cabinet tightly integrated and not susceptible to mold, dampness and other problems.


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The wall cabinet and the floor cabinet adopt the cabinet body to lock chain link reinforcement technology, and the firmness is greatly improved.

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Ambient lighting is also a small detail that cannot be ignored. Ambient lighting can not only meet the basic lighting needs of cabinets to a certain extent, but also create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. A small circle of light strips can make the original inconspicuous The corners have also become exceptionally beautiful.

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The principle of matching makes the home dazzling and colorful


In home design, it often requires the participation of more other elements, and the mix and match of multiple elements makes the home more dazzling and colorful. Mixing and matching is not a random match, but a different style through color and material.

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Wood grain elements are very suitable for use in stainless steel home design, which can fully balance the toughness of steel, making people feel like they are in the beautiful nature, making the home more natural and warm.

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Various stone grain elements such as marble and slate make the home more interesting, and can depict a clear and freehand landscape painting, filling the home with the charm of poetry, hops and tea.

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Simple, detailed, pure and diverse

Use design to bring a better and more comfortable home!

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